Zambias Covid 19 Dashboard

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To create a Covid 19 Dashboard for 10 provinces in Zambia under one dashboard.


This dashboard will be as a result of Covid 19 modelling using mathematical equations, we will forecast the future of Covid in terms of weeks, identify possibilities of a third wave, collect all variables such as cancer,pneumonia,TB .Economic variables and social variables that will help us to optimise resources meant for cover 1 such as bed space,masks and vaccine roll out.
Hotspots will also be identified using this platform through the use of artificial intelligence and GIS.
this is important to monitor the disease and for decision making by policy markers.

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  • Prevention
  • Research

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  • Analytics
  • Website design

What we need help with

We need funding and support for AI Covid 19 plate form such as IBM .to establish a Covid 19 dashboard, using artificial intelligence with figures of new covd 19 cases, deaths and recoveries from 10 provinces within zambia. Apart from simulations on graphs and mathematical estimates , This information will also include forecasting using recurrent neural networks for time series for the next few weeks . It also informs people about the hotspots using convolutional neural network algorithms and Gis for group truth.This will help policy makers and donors to better make decisions on cover 19 solutions. We can achieve this by putting out a complete team of data science,public health,epidomolgist ,mathematicians and policy makers, and subscribing to IBM dashboard.

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  • Just started