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It's a social health platform connecting people, patients and caregivers alike, through online support communities.


Sub-Saharan Africa has about 15% of the world’s people but it carries 24% of the global disease burden in human and financial costs. Almost half the world’s deaths of children under five take place in Africa.

There is a lack of aggregated big data on holistic health that considers the realities of sub-Saharan Africa.

Healthcare is a balance between a top down and bottom up approach kind of system.

Patients ought to be active partners in managing their conditions rather than passive recipients of care so a multifaceted approach where clinicians and non-clinicians from multiple disciplines connect and work very closely together is needed.

Members share their personal stories, experiences and perspectives in these safe spaces.

The aim is to raise and spread awareness on the real-time nature of disease like Covid-19 and promote healthier lifestyle habits and practices through honest conversations and health fellowships.

Disease is dynamic so knowing patients’ in-depth history and current reality would greatly help the medical fraternity better understand, evolve and come up with holistic ways and means of prevention, treatment and management.
As a data-driven advocacy platform, we strive to identify from the diverse perspectives common patterns that could possibly lead to cheaper, long term healthier and nature friendly remedies and solutions.

Our value proposition is to shift and transform our healthcare from a reactive based system to a more proactive and predictive one which leverages machine learning data algorithms and artificial intelligence to not only stratify and prevent at-risk individuals from the onset of symptoms let alone disease but also predict risk and intervene further upstream.

What we are building is cross-cultural communities that are beyond race, gender, occupation or religion thereby fostering global peace, love and unity, and in the process elevating our universal emotional intelligence, empathy and consciousness. To live in a world in tune with nature and itself.

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  • Analytics
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  • Bootstrapping
  • Business Strategy
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  • Growth hacking
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What we need help with

To achieve our goals and bring the vision to fruition, we need seed capital to: 1. Rent office space in Nairobi, Kenya 2. Recruit the best minds and professionals with following skillset: · Full Stack Developers · Machine Learning and A.I specialists . Big Data Engineers · Community Builders of health practitioners, medical institutions, patient support groups etc. · Marketing and Sales Manager · Human Resource/ Customer Service · Legal Expertise 3. Buy equipment e.g laptops, servers, digital studio, other miscellaneous gadgets 4. Marketing - Incentivize patient support groups, medical practitioners, health institutions and organizations to invite their patients/members to join the platform - Social media - Email nurturing which is very effective for targeted communications - SEO optimization - Advertising on TV, radio, billboards and newspapers - Content marketing - Events provide an opportunity to define our brand, clarify the solutions we provide, and make personal connections with participants

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  • Launched