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Sign up for a discussion on Xconnect and be matched with four different minded people. Earn points, compete or for fun!


We are a group of bachelor students at Ecole Polytechnique who have in the past weeks worked on a project called Xconnect. It is an application that allows students at l’x to have meaningful and fun social interactions, no matter if you are confined or healthy. Since our launch one week ago, we are now working on developing the concept. Because of France’s recent lockdown, we have decided to focus even more on the virtual part. After striking a deal with a broadcasting software company, we have received access to professional broadcasting software that will allow us to create professional content for l’x students only. We believe that Xconnect by X+ will be students’ primary form of communication amongst each other. We plan to be the forum in which all the big events will happen / be displayed. For example, we have already organized a debate that concerns the student representative candidates of BX23 students. It will be streamed on on November 3rd ,and students are already right now able to ask their questions on the site. In the future, we plan to have at least two broadcasting events per month ,and they will range from inviting student councils to answer the students’ questions to live concerts by students of l’x who are talented in music. However, why are we writing to you about this?

We believe that a new confinement in France is the right choice due to the current health situation; however, we also think it will create problems as well as opportunities. According to multiple polls and scientific studies, France is one of Europe’s most politically polarized countries. For example, in a Reuters article, ⅕ of the French population consider themselves as having an “extreme” political view, and only ⅓ of the French population consider themselves centrists. As social media and politically angled newspapers become our primary source of information, we are further apart than ever. Multiple scientific articles that can be found on, NCBI, BBC all describe the same thing; lockdown negatively impacts our mental health. As expected, lockdown forces people into loneliness, and of course, due to the lack of physical contact, more people than ever are experiencing mental health issues. However, we might have a solution to both of these problems.

What we are proposing is built on a simple idea. To bring people who are passionate about similar interests together in a fun and meaningful way. One of the main features of Xconnect is the discussion component. Let me explain how it works more in detail. On our website, there are several discussion topics, ranging from politics to sports. Users can sign up to topics they find interesting and then fill in a form in which they state their stance in the matter and choose their preferred timeslot. They are then matched to users who signed up for the same topic but with a different opinion than themselves. When the time has come, they join the zoom call (through a link that has been sent to their email address), and then throughout the discussion, they will be guided by our application that displays the questions and allows the group to give it input for each discussion question. Depending on the answer they offer, they will be given different questions, and then, in the end, each group usually reaches different conclusions. After the discussion, they can vote for the person they thought was most compelling, and if they have changed their stance after the discussion. They each receive a certain amount of points depending on if they won any prize in the discussion etc. Users are then able to compete against their friends, for example, “who has the most points”, but users can also choose to donate points to causes they believe are important.

After hearing about France’s confinement, we thought that the discussion part of Xconnect would be a perfect product to launch nationally in France. Of course, we would have to change some things in the website and the mobile app to make it more general and serious, but we know we could do that pretty quickly. The problem is not the technical side of things; rather, it is to quickly and broadly reach out to the French population.

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  • Education
  • Human rights
  • Information
  • Mental health
  • Transparency
  • Wellbeing

Support needed

  • Communications
  • Exposure
  • Legal support
  • Marketing
  • Raising capital

What we need help with

We would need help with launching and marketing of our application nationwide in France or Sweden! If you are interested in supporting our project we will of course change things on the webpage as well as to create an app in the IOS and android store fit for a nationwide audience (and not just an university one)! We are pretty comfortable with the technical side of things and are confident that we could solve everything by ourselves in one week and would therefore just need help with the marketing side of things! Our preliminary market plan would of course be to target politcal newspaper and discussion forums as well as being featured on TV news and Instagram.

Best way to get in touch

Send me an email or call me at +46768357985

Project status

  • Launched