Short description

WOZA is a visionary startup service based company that is run by young entrepreneurs aged 17 coming together for a chang


Looking into the current situation of this global pandemic which has put millions of jobs in threat and turning them in to great opportunities. Therefore, as a collaborative team we formed an entity aimed into guiding individuals and groups that have been terribly suffering financially and introducing them into the E-commerce world where money making is effortless from the comfort of our homes.

Our Service

At WOZA we don’t teach, but we CREATE, we BUILD and EDUCATE others who have no prior knowledge regarding running an entity into building a fully furnished business as their main revenue stream, without having to worry about all the overhead workload.We provide everything from product/service research, listing to marketing.

Our Team

Our Team consists of talented designers, web developers marketing professionals, sales managers, HR managers all aged below 20 in providing quality experience to all customers. Since most schools and colleges have been closed globally, while others are spending time watching Netflix, we take this precious time to put effort into giving hope to those who have lost everything.

With your little help we could turn this period of unpleasant situation into a life changing experience for many. We aspire to create a professional community for the young generation into servicing everyone for a better future.

Building a successful business requires no education but dedication, and we aspire to provide that for our everyone.

Stay safe and keep hustling,


Target country

United States

Project type

  • Community
  • Impact Support
  • Research
  • Work & Productivity

Support needed

  • Anything
  • Business Strategy
  • Communications
  • Legal support
  • Operations
  • Product development
  • Software development
  • Website design

What we need help with

Our company needs support in terms of financial grants in order to take this start up further and establishing as a for profit social enterprise. These grants will be helped creating a professional community and build a strong young entrepreneurs group.

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Project status

  • Just started