Women Entrepreneurship in the Public Health sector

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Our pilot project is to promote disadvantaged young women entrepreneurship in the Public Health sector in Senegal.


Our pilot project is to promote disadvantaged young women entrepreneurship in the Public Health sector in Senegal, facilitating the access to sanitary and disease (COVID-19 and other hygiene-related diseases, Malaria) prevention products for the low-income populations in urban and suburban communities in the Dakar region.
BIOSENE will train and support disadvantaged young women to produce and distribute, in their communities, disease prevention products such as soaps and masks. BIOSENE will also support young women groups to partner with companies selling mosquito nets for the distribution of these malaria protection products in the communities.
Young women entrepreneurs’ groups will receive small production equipment and start-up working capital, and will be trained on entrepreneurship, marketing and bookkeeping.
With BIOSENE support, young women entrepreneurs’ groups will structure community-based distribution channels for their disease prevention products. Groups will also be trained to develop their knowledge on COVID-19 and Malaria, including protection measures, and will organize disease awareness community events which will also support the marketing of their products.
it is expected that 148 000 disease prevention products will be distributed during the 12-month project period, and USD 309 268 net income generated by the 40 young women beneficiaries after 12 months of business operation.
BIOSENE pilot project may be replicated all around Senegal and the Africa continent communities where the penetration of disease prevention products and young women economic participation in the health sector are issues.
BIOSENE CEO is Mrs. Salamba DIENE, a 30-year-old entrepreneur inspired on this innovation by a decade-long experience of working with disadvantaged women.

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  • Community
  • Healthcare
  • Prevention
  • Work & Productivity

Support needed

  • Exposure
  • Raising capital

What we need help with

Small equipment the disasvantaged young women will use to produce the soaps and masks; working capital for raw material for production training and for an about 3-month production of soaps and masks, purchase of mosquito nets and other initial operating costs. Funding of the training and Business development services support.

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  • In Progress