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IYO seeks to empower 180 widows and girls soap making skills for washing hand to save community from COVID 19


SITUATION/CHALLENGES: Economic stress due to the COVID 19 outbreak put widows’ families and girls at greater risk of exploitation, sex labour and gender-based violence. Widow in urban and rural are of Dar es laam region are victims of different domestic violence after death by their husband most of them are rejected by the families or communities. Despite laws protecting their rights, widow’s women still struggle to grab and retain their property such land and houses by relatives. Due to Quarantine youth girls are often sold for a bride-price rather than being allowed to continue their education. Widow and children have no access to credit and training in all aspects of technology and skills training. These factors contribute to the deterioration of health and economic conditions for widow and girls.
SOLUTION: Provide 180 widows and girls, soap making skills to make soap that is desperately needed now to fight the coronavirus disease. Collectively, the group – comprising of 180 women and girls will make liquid and bar soaps which will be sold for price friendly to many needy people from poor community. This project will provide a start-up business for 180 widow women and girls in soap production. The project will not only train the women in soap making but it also will enable them to develop business plans and marketing ideas, soap will be sold to hospitals,schools,bus stop and shops. The widow women’s and young girls groups will be beneficiaries of IYO ‘s livelihood and resilience programs that empowers widows households to generate income for improved well being of their children and families.
LONG TERM IMPACT: Soap making skills will be passed to younger generations of women by trained in soap production will enable widow and girls to contribute economically to their families rather than being treated as a commodity. The soap which the women sell from door to door will made the product to be easily accessible to people .The enhance accessibility and affordability of soap in the community will increasing the frequent cleaning of hands with soap among many households in the slum area .Project will make woman difference in the community whilst generating income to sustain their livelihoods.

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  • Alleviation
  • Community
  • Healthcare
  • Information
  • Prevention
  • Wellbeing

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  • Manufacturing
  • Marketing
  • Raising capital
  • Sales

What we need help with

We seek fund of $ 28000 to facilitate this programs,since COVID 19 crises IYO have been continue supporting the woman and young girls groups from local community who have been affected by COVID 19. We provided tailoring skills to 50 women which enabled to startup their Owen tailors shops at home (see our website). We need help in raising capital of $ 28,000 to support these widows and girls who are at risks of violent abuse and helping them stay sustainable while save community from COVID 19 by making soaps for hand washing which will reduce the transmission. With your financial support of $ 15,000 will help to conduct soap making training program for 180 widows and girls ages between 15 - 30, and with your financial support of $ 13000 will buy materials and equipment's needed for soap productions processing.

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  • Just started