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Vigilant Angel™ real-time fatigue management for individuals, teams and institutions.


“Exhaustion is one reason medical workers have high vulnerability to infection… worst thing is once a healthcare worker is infected, there’s extra workload on the others.” (J. Nicholls HKU pathologist SARS outbreak, Los Angeles Times)

“(Fatigue causes) Errors in patient care, increased needlesticks & exposure to blood & other body fluids & increased occupational injuries among healthcare workers.” (OSHA)

“…nurses & doctors died not because of infection but because of cardiac arrest or other ailments due to overwork & fatigue.” (Chinese doctor fighting COVID19, Los Angeles Times)

“Fatigue is linked to health problems such as heart disease, musculoskeletal disorders, depression, breast & prostate cancer, reproductive problems, worsening of diabetes & epilepsy, sleep disorders, etc.” (OSHA)

“Compassion fatigue (CF) is stress resulting from exposure to a traumatized individual …convergence of secondary traumatic stress & cumulative burnout, a state of physical & mental exhaustion caused by a depleted ability to cope with one’s everyday environment.” (U.S. national library of medicine)

“…worker fatigue was contributing factor to Industrial disasters such as 2005 Texas City BP oil refinery explosion, 2009 Colgan Air Crash, space shuttle Challenger explosion & nuclear accidents at Chernobyl & Three Mile Island.” (OSHA – U.S. Department of Labor)

“Exhausted, overwhelmed, & anxious.”
“I’m feeling fearful & fatigued.”
“The current workload is not sustainable.”
(20 U.S. chief medical officers on COVID19, Harvard Business Review April, 2020)

The award-winning, patented VigilantAngel™ technology prevents accidents, infection, fatigue related illnesses & death while increasing work efficiency & healthiness by monitoring & predicting fatigue in real time, providing objective realtime fatigue monitoring and prediction for individuals, teams and institutional fatigue management regimes with a wearable and app.

Working towards launching this solution to the frontlines of the Covid19 effort for the autumn surge and to be in place for the next crises.

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United States

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Funding, HR, full stack android developers, connections to hospitals and unions.

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