Uppskilling doctors & nurses in Venezuela

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Translate to Spanish the content of an AI-powered course to uppskills doctors in crisis-riden Venezuela


Venezuela’s health system is collapsed and more than 100 doctors have already died due to Covid-19. It’s estimated that 50% of doctors have emigrated in the last years so we need to protect the staff in the frontlines. Theres shortages of water and electricity, among other problems, so the country is poorly prepared to face this virus. Venezuela has a complex humanitarian crisis and an even more complex political crisis and political tensions prevent from a real government-driven strategy in place to face this virus.

The pandemic is just starting there and we still have time to train and protect the health staff! We found out about the NY Sinai Hospital curriculum to upskills nurses in a 2-day course which is available for free in the Sana Labs platform (Swedish tech-eds tart up). However, the content is in Spanish and needs to be translated by a clinical translator (highly specialized so volunteers won’t do unfortunately). Can you help us translate the content or finance its translation so that through our contacts and partners in Venezuela we can upskill and protect the 65 000 left in the country? It’s a 2-day course powered by AI. Local health organizations are fighting on their own because of the lack of coordination by the “the facto” government (which hides the numbers) and the “interim” government which has little power to act.

I Love Venezuela Sweden is a small non-profit association based in Sweden and through our contacts we could as a link to the local organizations that would help us reach to the 65 000 doctors left. It is urgent because the number of cases are increasing greatly.

We have contact with some of the most important experts in the epidemiology area.

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We need help to pay for the translation from English to Spanish of a 2-day AI-powered upskill program to train Venezuelan doctors in how to deal with Covid-19. This could then be used by other Spanish-speaking countries/hospitals

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Phone or mail wuendy.cardenas@gmail.com 072 014 2694

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