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Strategies and interventions to mitigate heightened risk of violence against women and girls due to Covid 19 pandemic.


Livelihoods promotion, safeguarding and alleviation of stresses caused by different settings caused by COVID-19 including cultural violence, economic insecurities including food insecurity and loss of means of livelihoods.Violence against women, girls and children in times of COVID-19 pandemic, with a particular focus on innovative and empowering Interventions which include;

Innovative COVID-19 risk communication to vulnerable, marginalised and at-risk groups in society such as PLWHAIDS and People Living with Disabilities (PWLD) caused by social dynamics and public health response, this will also include traditional and digital social content development and streaming.

Development of innovative strategies to combat misinformation, stigma, and fear for all groups but with a special focus on women, adolescent girls and children.

Addressing cultural dimensions of the pandemic such as, examining how individuals and communities in Migori County understand and react to the disease, including special attention to vulnerable groups.

Strategies and interventions to mitigate heightened risk of violence in the home due to social distancing measures including being cut-off from essential protection services and vital support.

Alleviating risk of harm particularly to marginalised groups, especially girls and children who are at grave risk of harm as the COVID-19 pandemic threatens to devastate their education and health and leave them at risk of abuse.

Development and scaling up of child friendly multimedia COVID-19 awareness campaign messages to promote hygiene and hand washing in communities set up, schools/institutions and operationalise social protection initiatives such as helplines/Hotlines to report violence for vulnerable girls and women.

Develop and support community based initiatives to provide access to health supplies and age-responsive health information for adolescent girls.

Allocate additional resources and include evidence-based measures to address violence against

women and girls in COVID-19 Organizational response plans.

Strengthen services for women who experience violence during COVID-19

Build capacity of key services to prevent impunity and improve quality of response
Ensure sex disaggregated data is collected to understand the impact of COVID-19 on violence against women and girls and inform the response.
Our Goal is to contribute to the prevention

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  • Community

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1.Strengthen advocacy and engagement of different actors to address violence against women and girls during COVID-19 2.Provision of quality essential services adapted to the current pandemic context. 3.Increase of knowledge and awareness-support for community mobilization

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