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Address current specific challenges of LGBT living with HIV in these times of Covid19 by minimizing their vulnerability.


Cameroon is now one of the countries in Africa most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the Ministry of Public Health, it currently has over 17255 cases of infection for 401 cases of death. Coronavirus pandemic is therefore very real in Cameroon and Lesbians, Gay, Transgender and bisexual (LGBT+) living with HIV are people at highest risk of death in the event of contamination. Indeed, as we know today, people living with HIV have a very high rate of vulnerability to COVID-19 due to the weakness of their immune defense strained by HIV. Further afield, people infected by COVID-19 experience increased stigma. This is how the newspaper Cameroon Tribune headlined on its Monday April 20, 2020 “Sick of Covid-19, Stigma, double sentence”. The challenges of applying a specific health policy in favor of people living with HIV on the one hand, and on the other hand the challenges of preventing the increased stigmatization of LGBT+ people infected by Covid-19 would be the challenges of urgency to be resolved.

Further on, our association, an LGBT+ identity organization, working in the fight against HIV and the promotion of Human Rights are currently very weakened because of the Corona virus pandemic in 04 aspects:

1- Several of our volunteer members living with HIV, following the Covid-19 pandemic, have lost their jobs and find themselves in technical unemployment, which on the one hand limits their financial income and their ability to take charge of their daily survival needs, their ability to contribute financially to our actions and consequently leads to a considerable reduction in our actions in favor of our peers.

2- Access to anti-retroviral treatment (ART) has become difficult for almost all of our LGBT+ beneficiaries living with HIV, because they are afraid of going to the hospital to obtain their medicines; the hospital being considered an area at high risk of infection by Covid-19.

3- Our volunteers, having opted to provide home help to their peers living with the living with HIV, following the limitation of our resources, face several obstacles, in particular the insufficient financial means to go to our peers, most of whom live in isolated areas with difficult access, insufficient means of protection against covid-19 (protective mask, hydro-alcoholic gel), insufficient communication and travel costs.

4- The stigma and discrimination of the environment, which demonizes our actions in favor of our peers and considers that LGBT+ people should all die of Covid-19, because having sexual practices considered satanic.
Thus, this project aims to provide a specific response plan to fight against Covid-19 for LGBT+ people living with HIV, whose risk potential is very high compared to the general population. It pursues the secondary objective of countering the stigma suffered by LGBT+ people infected and/or affected by COVID-19, who thereby suffer a double ordeal. To achieve this, we propose to set up the main activity of “home service”. By the latter, we can count the contents of the following actions (1) dispensing antiretroviral medecine at home; (2) the distribution of prevention materials at home; (3) educational talks by teleworking ; (4) psychological support by teleworking; (5) supply of survival kit [food ration and other living supplies].

The provision of antiretroviral medecine will reassure us of good medical compliance for HIV treatment. The distribution of prevention materials at home consolidates our desire for safe sex in difficult times and objective the positive partnership developed and deployed with our members and beneficiaries as first-class partners to prevent the spread of HIV. Educational talks, well beyond their educational vocation, are the means of maintaining contact with life through virtual meetings. Psychological teleworking pursues this same objective beyond its primary and essential vocation, which is that of pursuing a psychological intervention, the need for which we now know to make room for the psychological life of LGBT+ people. Finally, the supply of a survival kit meets the immediate needs of our members and beneficiaries LGBT+ in a situation of technical unemployment in protection against COVID-19.

We plan to apply three types of assessments: (1) daily; (2) mid-term; (3) at the end of the project. It is the relationship between the stated program and its completion rate that will tell us the level of success achieved for the project. The many control times will make it possible to apply adjustment measures in the event of a deficit gap between the reference framework programmed for a period and the result obtained.

In addition, the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Cameroonian Ministry of Public Health recommend applying barrier measures to effectively fight against Corona Virus disease. These recommendations particularly insist on staying at home as a priority measure de facto reducing the impact of the COVID-19 crisis. Further, they still recommend, in order to reduce the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, that in the event of an absolute necessity to leave home, as in the emergency situation described here, that actors respect (1) hand hygiene measures; (2) social distancing [keeping a reasonable distance of at least one meter between two people]; (3) compulsory wearing of a muffler in public areas.

It is on these fundamentals that this project is based to address the current specific challenges of LGBT+ people living with HIV in these times of Covid-19 by minimizing their vulnerability to Covid-19. With the provision of services in strict compliance with barrier measures against Covid-19, but also means of subsistence in the time of technical unemployment, all supported by teleworking and the dispensing of antiretroviral medecine at home, we guarantee ourselves (1 ) keep LGBT+ people living with HIV away from any potential areas of Covid-19 contamination; (2) maintain the anti-retroviral medecine treatment plan for LGBT+ people living with HIV; (3) to provide the community, psychological and social support needed by LGBT+ people living with HIV.

These measures, we are sure, will make it possible to manage the impact of the Corona Virus pandemic that we are going through in our association and our areas.

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Our organization needs financial support for: 1- Buy protective masks, hydro-alcoholic gels, as well as soap for our field volunteers and our beneficiaries living with HIV who are technically unemployed and whose financial resources are limited, so that they can protect themselves from covid- 19. 2- Pay the costs of transport and telephone calls charges for our field volunteers, as part of the home offer of our services for the promotion of sexual and reproductive health as well as the related human rights, in particular awareness, dispensing of antiretroviral medecine and prevention material at home over a period of 06 months; 3- Pay the internet connection costs for the realization of educational talks and the offer of psychological support by teleworking over a period of 06 months to ensure the well-being of our beneficiaries; 4- Provide nutritional support to 500 LGBT+ living with HIV and being technically unemployed with limited financial income, for a period of 06 months, in order to enable them to survive in these difficult times of covid-19.

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