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Empowering businesses to ensure safe mobility for millions in India who currently use public transport (bus/metro/auto)


Only 18% of Indians have own private vehicles. There is currently a lock-down in place in most of India. However, as cities reopen, fewer people will use mass public transport like metros, cabs, buses and shared public bikes. Trends indicate that many will purchase personal two-wheelers, causing traffic congestion and pollution to rise in cities. This will undo years of progress in transportation policy and worsen the condition of many of our cities.

70% of all mobility in Indian cities is to-and-from a place of work/study. A solution to this problem is to offer sustainable mobility solutions to employees, students and residents via their businesses/organizations. Working closely with manufacturing plants, IT parks, universities and townships, we want to offer cycles, e-cycles and e-bikes on subscription to individuals in their communities. We will recharge and maintain all the assets. Since most of their shuttles and cars can only run at 50% capacity to ensure social distancing, we are receiving very positive traction. This solution can be deployed very quickly as it does not use government infrastructure and needs no approvals.

We have piloted with ~100 vehicles so far. We have had 100K+ rides and offset 120+ tons of CO2. This solution ensures social distancing, is extremely safe and hygienic, and is great for the environment.

The opportunity for impact is in the next 30 days, when our cities begin to reopen and people search for better, safer mobility. We will use the capital to increase the fleet size and reach more people.

The economic engine must recover in a safe way that does not regress our long-standing goals for sustainable cities. Mobility should not be a choice between health and sustainability. We can play a powerful role in helping this mission.

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  • Climate
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  • Growth hacking
  • Raising capital

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The solution is already proven with our pilot fleet of 100 vehicles that we have deployed with our own investment. The software back-end and app is also live and fully functional. We need help with capital to procure more vehicles to satiate the demand caused due to the COVID19 crisis. We are looking for $50,000 in total and have reached out to multiple organizations for support. If we can achieve 50% to 80% of that amount via grants, I can bring in the rest through debt and other investment channels.

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  • Launched