The youth empowerment & skilled Dev program

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Youth empowerment skilled development program is an integrated approach, which aims to provide flexible and holistic


The youth empowerment & skilled development program initiatives will improve the employment prospects of visible minority youth and adults, aimed at boosting visible minority youth employability and earnings and are delivered primarily through support thru Action grant funding of $75,000 to support Princen Sammy foundation that would be tailored to the local needs of the target communities.

Target country


Project type

  • Alleviation
  • Climate
  • Community
  • Education
  • Food
  • Healthcare
  • Human rights
  • Impact Support
  • Information
  • Logistics
  • Mental health
  • Prevention
  • Research
  • Tracking
  • Transparency
  • Wellbeing
  • Work & Productivity

Support needed

  • Business Strategy
  • Communications
  • Content
  • Design
  • Exposure
  • General management
  • Leadership
  • Manufacturing
  • Marketing
  • Operations
  • Raising capital
  • Sales
  • Software development
  • Talent
  • Technical expertise
  • Website design

What we need help with

With your immediate financial support of $75000 will help us provide capacity building and youth empowerment for at risk young graduates between the ages of 15-30.

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Project status

  • Just started