The Creatives’ Toolbox by the Africa Digital Media Foundation – a resource for aspiring and existing Kenyan creatives to access the tools and equipment they need to keep their learning and livelihoods going during the COVID-19 pandemic

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Creative and digital arts offer huge potential for economic growth and job creation in Africa, but young Africans need s ...


Creative and digital arts offer huge potential for economic growth and job creation in Africa, but young Africans need skills, investment, a conducive policy environment to pursue a sustainable career in the industry, and a platform for distribution.

ADMI is an innovative learn-and-work model, where young creatives get the training, mentorship and resources they need to turn their passion into a profession. ADMI offers certificates and diplomas, as well as placements and job opportunities through linkages with companies, entrepreneurs, and institutions. Our mission is to grow the creative economy, and realise our vision of millions of Africa’s digital professionals and entrepreneurs sharing their creative content with the world for profit and impact.

We have directly impacted more than 2,000 young men and women, a number of whom are on fully paid scholarships. We also engender a change at the level of the family and community of ADMI students, by changing their attitude towards creative arts as a viable livelihood.

During this pandemic, we have seen that Kenyan creatives, like most sub-sections of the population, are suffering in multiple ways. Creative events, collaborations, and projects are put on hold as the world waits to weather the pandemic storm.The students of our partner organization, the Africa Digital Media Institute, are struggling to distance learn, with unreliable internet infrastructure, and often no access to a laptop, and no software to apply their new-found learnings with.

For this reason we want to launch the Creatives’ Toolbox, a resource fund that can help Kenyan creatives overcome some of the most pressing challenges standing in the way of their learning and their livelihoods at this difficult time. We will address both established or emerging talent, and also students. Established or emerging talent may need to adapt their work to meet changing demands, or to be able to access high-spec equipment or software that they normally access from a coworking space or agency. Students will be lacking access to equipment and software, which often might be as basic as a laptop or Adobe suite. Creatives may also need to change their working style or offering to match demand, with more companies needing online graphic work, or stock photos, or sound and lighting assistance for online meetings and conferences. They may therefore need to invest in business development and marketing that is different to what they have previously done.

We want to be able to cater for these needs through micro-grants or in-kind support (software or equipment) that we can provide them with through this project. We will release an open call for applications online, whereby individuals will apply, stating their needs and desired outcomes, which can be earning or learning outcomes.This opportunity will be shared on our website and social media, as well as those of our partners in Kenya. We will also use digital marketing and our existing networks to reach a targeted audience of Kenyan creatives. Micro-grants through the Creatives’ Toolbox can be from as low as US$100, and up to US$1,000, and we anticipate having a total fund of approximately 40 beneficiaries of the Creatives’ Toolbox, split evenly between two categories: professionals and students. They will be selected based on greatest need and greatest potential outcomes, and there will be a strict evaluation grid which ADMI and ADMF staff will use to judge.

We will maintain contact with each of the 40 beneficiaries, and track their progress and learning outcomes, even past the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic period, for a full year from the moment they receive their micro-grant. Through this contact we can also provide support in terms of business development, showcasing their work to our community, and signposting them towards opportunities and resources that we have access to through our position as a resource bank for the creative community.

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