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TendBee helps with free home delivery of groceries to people in quarantine or at risk for the coronavirus.


The world is in a state of deep crisis right now where we need to practice social distancing and stay in quarantine at home, especially those in the high risk group. This is quite a struggle for many as not everyone can get help with the purchase of food, medical supplies and other everyday matters. So we at TendBee have come up with a simple and disrupting solution that matches the ones in need with the ones who can help. The system is easy to get started with for both the volunteers and beneficiaries, moreover it is free of charge and completely safe thanks to the integrated digital identification (BankID).

Target country


Project type

  • Food

Support needed

  • Raising capital

What we need help with

We need financial investors to pay our costs of reaching out to users via marketing (Facebook, Instagram, Google etc.) and operatonal costs (Hosting, tech-stack etc.). We are also looking for partners who will contribute with products/services.

Best way to get in touch

Project leader: Bashar Yousif, Tel: +46 70 782 50 82, Email:

Project status

  • Just started