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Fostering and Uplifting Less Privileged Children is Non-Government Organization registered under Tanzania Non-Government


Value for education is very low in this region, about 90% of all schools (Primary and Secondary schools are not providing lunch (day meals) to students, Therefore most of students become truants and or are forced to leave earlier to school to search for food. Nationally Ruvuma is among the poorly performing regions academically for both primary and secondary education. The region has very few or no higher learning institutes i.e. only available intermediate education level institutes.

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  • Alleviation
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Work & Productivity

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  • Leadership
  • Raising capital
  • Technical expertise

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We are working with vulnerable Children in Songea Ruvuma, the remote part of Tanzania to improve life of Vulnerable children physically, cognitively and economical Value for education is very low in Ruvuma Region about 90% of all schools (Primary and Secondary schools are not providing lunch (Day meal) to the students. Despite the government announce free, but the poor families are mostly notorious with quality education system due to drastically failure to their secondary level, and those who complete their study at different educational level they could no good place to go since the education system does not support them to be self-dependent at the future, it is only prepared for official job if not so they remain jobless. FULEP has been working very harder to find the conclusive solution on the existing problem in our educational system. Formal and Practical education should be impacted from the children through children development schools program with the aims of training the children both form and vocational educational skills to equip them with the fundamental skills, to make the future generation having productive skills for his/her development of the country and be able to transform the skills to the future generation, We are finding the possible intervention from friends and donors who could support our objectives to our young children in educational system, now we are finding the experts who could work with us to give the practical training to our staff members and be able to support our objectives to enhance sustainability development to our society.

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  • In Progress