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Sustainable Water Access for Refugee Prone Population (SWARPP)


Recurring conflict in South Sudan has pushed over one million people to seek safety in already volatile Northern Uganda which is recovering from decades of LRA war. In Lamwo District alone, there are over 100000 refugees and asylum seekers in the district. The situation has strained the delivery of WASH needs to host population, with not nearly enough boreholes to meet demand. Nearly, 65% of the community boreholes are non-functional. While the rest may be functional, the poor functionality of the boreholes, frequent pump breakdown and the overcrowding at water points have compromised water services and supply to the host population. It also increases tension at water points leading to conflict, and increase in occurrence of Gender based violence at water sources and on the way.
Resorting to the use of untreated swamp water and other unsafe water has led to an increase of waterborne diseases. Several reports have highlighted that WASH related diseases are still the most prevalent in the area. While this does not constitute an outbreak, it is conceivable one may occur and the general water related diseases pose a significant threat to the refugee host families.

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SWARPP will support water supply infrastructure development in Refugee host district of Lamwo, particularly in Sub-counties with high concentration of refugee communities such as refugee reception and verification centers, and sub-counties lying in refugee trekking routes. The project intends to increase the number of funtional borehole from the current 45% to 75% to allow people access to safe and sustainable water supply in the dry season, and reduce the occurrence of water point related violence due to overcrowding, and the burden of frequent hand pump breakdown due to over demand and use. Water Resource Committees will be formed/trained, composed of Men, Women and children. Men and women of all ages will be involved in the day to day activities of the project to voice their concern and preference

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Email: timberphens@gmail.com

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