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Covid -19 has caused an immense suffering for the children below 12 whose parents have been living from hand to mouth


The plight of the young children in kasese is too pathetic not that there parents who have been living from hand to mouth have abandoned them . The sad situation is caused by the lock down which have cause the shutting down of many petty businesses where the parents of these children were deriving their income from . Think About the Children Foundation works with and for children through their families and schools. In conducting family visits, we have established that , the situation has caused many of the children to go without food for the whole day. If fate is on their side they may either get a days meal late at night and moreover in adequate with some families taking porridge. In many cases, the families of the poor are juxtaposed with those of the rich . it is a common sight to see vulnerable children watching pitifully as the children of the rich enjoy their food.
The intervention seeks to provide each of the 100 households with food supplies consisting of 50 Kgs of Posho,50 Kilograms of beans ,3 liters of cooking oil and 10kgs .
We envisage that this support will help the starving children rebuild their lives and gain some resistance to diseases.

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We need funding for purchasing food stuffs for 100 Needy families in Kasese slum areas.

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