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The COVID-19 is a pandemic and it is completely new phenomenon in Liberia, which has placed a heavy burden on government


The management and response of government against the COVID-19 outbreak make it particularly difficult because of several factors. This is primarily due to the effect of COVID-19 on our weak health care systems. The hospitals and clinics are not equipped and prepared to handle disease emergencies of this nature in our country. Secondly, due to lack of awareness regarding COVID-19 among communities, especially in regards to the transmission of the COVID-19, communities are not following prevention guidelines such as good hygiene practices.

In the Liberia, public perceptions of the state’s ability to respond equally to the needs of all segments of the population, especially in times of crisis, have exacerbated existing divisions. Currently in Liberia, economically vulnerable groups, especially in low income communities, believe that they are excluded.

There has been an impact on food security: The restriction of movements of goods and services, the quarantine of communities that are food baskets of the affected counties. Borders have closed, flights have been restricted and lockdowns have been enforced as a measure to contain the virus.

The gaps in services and communication between national and subnational levels undermined the efficacy of the emergency response, revealing deeper social issues. Government messaging, sometimes divergent, competed with alternative explanations of the COVID-19 outbreak. In rural areas, in particular, but also in urban centers, lack of trust in public institutions caused affected communities and people to turn to traditional leaders who had themselves been marginalized from governance structures and who therefore were not effectively included in the response. The lack of timely risk communication from the Liberian government to its citizens have had severe consequences in preventing the spread of COVID-19 and it has contributed to public misconceptions about COVID-19.

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we CHEER-Liberia past activities demonstrate experienced we have to run project and the emerging of Covid-19 virus has cause multi negative impact in dimension that need to be addressed by CHEER-LIBERIA,. Women health plight has begun to unfold daily basis. Women in prison rely on hygiene items supplies delivered by relatives during, due to COVID-19, visitation has been halted. CHEER-LIBERIA intents to expand its support for women during this time of the pandemic reasons are many as the emerging virus continue to spread it numerous impact need to be addressed to save life. CHEER-LIBERIA is seeking for funding to support women and disadvantage in the following sector if the availability of funding is realized. Mixed approaches which will drive Social Behavior Change Communication (SBCC) programing and help to ensure consistency aim at maintaining our intervention to the risk population at risk. Please indicate the Fund to running this project. $50.000

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