Sinatsisa Lubombo

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Sinatsisa Lubombo is a organisation focusing on empowerment and capacity building for poor and marginalised


My name is Thulisile Maziya and I am the executive Director of Sinatsisa Lubombo (NGO) of The OPEN MIND FOUNDATION whose purpose is to alleviate poverty and capacitated the poor and marginalised rural communities in the Lubombo region of Eswatini.

The Prevention and control of COVID-19 in rural areas of the Lubombo region of Eswatini project is under SINATSISA LUBOMBO that is being currently launched. SINATSISA LUBOMBO (NGO) Foundation was established in the Lubombo region of Eswatini in 2015 and started operating 2019. It is a 501c3 public non-profit organization for the empowerment of the poor and marginalised rural communities in the region.
I joined the organisation through one of its founders who is a director who initiated the project after working for the same communities and later retired but felt she had not done enough as the challenges mutated from state to the other while she felt she has to retire but needed someone who will make her dream live forever hence my introduction to the organisation. Pumla had a project she joined in the region where she sensitised the members to form a company to be able to generate income to cater for their needs and those of their immediate families. The project s up and going. Sinatsisa Lubombo was established on 2015 but due to lack of resources it could not stand up by its feet to cater for the target population while striving for survival. When the project has regained its insight after my taking over, there came the COVID-19 pandemic where some of its beneficiaries lost their lives while others lost their immediate families and friends. So now I would request to know if I can submit a proposal in request for funding to cater for the remaining project beneficiaries and their immediate families to create awareness on the COVID-19 and provide counselling to victims and survivors while providing some hampers to those families who lost their employment due to the pandemic. The directors were hoping to move this project forward to initiating other programs but could not due to the current situation.
The organisation in the project launching stage evisages to provide sanitary hygiene to the communities where sanitsers will be distributed, some mask would also be provided to the communities as their areas are too remote and cannot afford to get the products so easily. The projects also requests for funding to be able to train and provide counselling to the COVID-19 survivors, and as some of the family mebers have been laid off from their places of employment, they are struggling to make ends meet as they cannot afford to anything to put on the table for their families to survive. So the organisation has identified a need to distribute some starter packs in form of hampers to help the destitute familes have something to eat. Sinatsisa Lubombo has been providing services in form of counselling and guidance to the members who are gender-based violence victims, but now this has turned to be so serious being perpetrated by the COVID-19 pandemic as families are all unemployed and one shifts the blame to the other in the instance there is some shortage of essential family needs. The organisation will also provide sensitisation to both men and women on the issue of gender-based violence and its consequences to both the survivors and the perpetrators. Medical officers will be engaged in this project as they are well acquainted with the activities while they provide information on testing for the COVID-19 and how survivors need to be handled by their families and communities at large as some of the survivors had lodged complaints about being discriminated and labelled as couriers of the virus by their families and communities hence they decide to relocate to other areas. The project then appreciates your assistance in carrying out the activities as it envisages success and a happy and healthy region at large after the project. The total request for initiating the project is USD50’000 while the whole total project amount is USD100’000.

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  • Alleviation
  • Community
  • Education
  • Food
  • Healthcare
  • Prevention
  • Wellbeing

Support needed

  • Exposure
  • Operations
  • Raising capital
  • Website design

What we need help with

We are asking other individuals and organizations to collaborate in funding the $50,000 needed to fund our first phase of the project in providing awareness and preventive measures to be taken by the communities so we will need transport, communication costs, refreshments, facilitation fees, stationery. There will be need for providing sanitizers, masks, food hampers and continuous counselling on victims of COVID-19 and gender based violence. The project will be undertaken in the eight (8) target areas of the region.

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  • In Progress