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Mental Health focused project aimed a both the Senior community being entertained, and Victorian Entertainers working



2020 brings with it a whole new understanding of a world without physical connection, personal interaction and live entertainment. First Australia faced the tragedy and devastation of the January/February bushfires, and then unbeknown to us all the further destructive February to current reality of a global pandemic. Inevitably this has lead to the under stated mental suffering of our aged community, our farmers and our unemployed which has inevitably equated to increased suicide rates nation wide. All of this has been pushed to the back burner in the media as we count the amount of community members who have met their end due to the fires and to the dreaded pandemic. This has not gone unnoticed by our community. As many of us, especially those in the live corporate events industry, have been forced to hang up our respected dance shoes until further notice, our current quiet circumstances have allowed us more than enough time to reflect on what is important to us all. Our families. Our loved ones. Our fellow community members. It begs the question to any empathetic person – what can we do to help those in need; those without family members, those with out loved ones, those struggling a silent struggle. Hence the birth of the Silver Fox Project.

The brain child of Director of FX Entertainment Australia Re-Arna Lambousis, the Silver Fox Enterprise aims to give back to the Senior community of Victoria and Australia, whilst simultaneously supporting the artists of the Victorian performing arts industry. Our sole aim and heart felt purpose is to bring some much needed, laughter, cheer, love of the arts, connection, interaction and attention to those who have been hit the hardest in 2020- on both sides- the artists and the community. We propose to tour Metro and Rural Victoria and then the wider Australian community, reaching the places most isolated and most densely affected by the bushfires and COVID19. We propose to reach community centres, the aged care facilities and senior RSLs and senior golf clubs in all of Australia, bringing some comic relief, some distraction, some much needed escapism and entertainment to those who could do with a little positivity and happiness in their lives.

Although we are not on the path of healing yet, we aim to be ready for when restrictions are lifted and we are given the green light! We know at that point we will have a lot of repair to undertake across the country ( and in fact the world ) and this is our way of sending in first responders to assist in mending some of the damage, devastation and demolition of our community, caused by the untoward events of 2020. Instead of sending show girls into visit sailors on war ships, we hope to send our fancy tongue In cheek Senior Speakeasy performers into communities who may feel as if they too have lost most of their cavalry to the devastation circumstances of 2020.

Whether it is Covid19, the bushfires or suicide, many many people in our communities have lost some one they love. Many people have been deprived of having an intimate laugh amongst others, interaction with people and spending time with others. Our job will be to reach those communities, reach those isolated people, reach those communities in need of escapism and give them some theatrical entertainment, filled with personal connections, interaction, good old tunes that are familiar, and a lot of adult humour to bring a smile to their faces. We propose to reach the senior community as our first line of action, and secondly the adult demographic of 30s-50s. Adults who have been affected by the events of 2020. Our Enterprise will not discriminate with whom we entertain, no matter the class, we aim to entertain the whole community based on the demographic, not the level of income. Depression does not discriminate, nor does not recognise class or a numeric value.
We believe that there is not more valuable time to plan to make a difference through the art of distraction and comic relief than right now. We hope for as much support as we can so we can reach the as many people as we can. This is where you come in. Can you support your community and the artists of Victoria? We would love to collaborate with you. Together we can make a difference.
Lets plan to make a difference together in 2021, by booking our shows in numerous community.

We will of course need to work out how this will be created once we know what life looks like after COVID19. We may wear PPE. We may provide all guests involved with PPE as a part of a package. We may decorate PPE with guests prior to the show (as an art activity) as a part of our booking. We will have a COVID sage plan. As we are proposing this idea, we are still malleable with how we can best create this experience that will benefit both artists and guests.

The Silver Fox Enterprise hosts an exquisite cast of exceptionally talented, energetic and friendly performers, all of whom are well known in Melbourne and who have spent decades between them, performing in Musical Theatre, live shows, on board cruise ships, hotels, and in venues around the world and locally. Our cast of singers and dancers are a handful of Victoria’s most valued and most talented. All of our performers are passionate about their craft. They know how to make each performance truly memorable, and will go the extra mile to see that each guest present at our shows feels a special connection and feels valued. As every entertainer can recognise, our job is only complete when we feel the warmth from our audience and bring some conviviality into the performance space.
Now flip the coin… What about the mental health of our valued artists within the events industry? The events industry also.
This years turn of events, pressures and restrictions has affected our community in more than just one way. It has unfortunately affected our events and dance industry massively. We were the first to become unemployed due to event restrictions and we will be the last to return to work. Not only is the nurturing of mental health for our Senior and rural communities pivotal, so too are our unemployed Performing Arts industry in Victoria. The Victorian dancers, singers and actors amongst all other events industry professionals have been the hardest hit.
Victorian artists have now been shut down, out of work without any further notice for live events due to restrictions, and so have not only lost their ability to perform and obtain an income, they have lost their ability to interact, physically connect and entertain. The Silver Fox Enterprise aims to provide our valued Victorian artists security. We hope to secure work for at least 2 years for numerous company members, so they can feel assured that they still serve a purpose, still have an important job in our wider community. We aim to reassure them there is a light at the end of the tunnel. We aim to provide contracted work with our Victorian artists to perform around Victoria and Australia, allowing them an income, a purpose, reinstating self worth and value. Giving them hope. We aim to show Australia that our Victorian performers are resilient, talented and giving. Because amongst all that is going on, our artists are truly excited and enthusiastic about this project and can not wait to contribute to the reestablishment of the arts in Victorian and wider Australia. Together we can support our Artists by providing them employment and we can support our community by supporting our artists to work across Australia.

We would like to take this Australia wide and would be happy to take our shows international. We do think that the place for us to start is Victoria, Australia.

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  • Mental health
  • Wellbeing
  • Work & Productivity

Support needed

  • Anything
  • Communications
  • Exposure
  • Marketing
  • Product development
  • Raising capital
  • Sales
  • Technical expertise

What we need help with

We need someone to sell this concept, book the shows, assist us with the tours and arrange ways to pay for the project. We need to sell the idea and pay the artists, locking is funds so they are guaranteed work and the aged care facilities are able to book the shows. We need help with arranging grants to allow communities to be able to host our performers. We will need sound equipment at each booking as well. We will need to work out how we can deliver our shows safely post COVID too. So we really need funds, Sales and PR support and exposure please.

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email and phone are great for us. +61412619911

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  • Just started