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An automatic locally made hand cleaning and sanitizing unit at the entry of every markets & superstores in Saki, Nigeria


With regards to the current pandemic in almost every part of the world, the threat this virus has caused is unquantifiable and very hard to determine its extent and gravity because we are the movers and carriers of the virus. Consequently, the virus can only spread only after having contact with an already known or unknown carrier. The best solution to curb this problem is to admonish and encourage proper sanitation as often as possible especially in places of high populations and patronage where people easily have direct contact with each other. This is because we can not visibly see this virus but can easily contact it from surfaces and carriers.

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  • Raising capital

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In lieu of the anticipated initiative, our organization requires funding to adequately make provision of the sanitizer stand and necessary sanitation materials to almost all the markets, malls and superstores in saki.

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  • Just started