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water shortage is most the problem in our society for many year, people has no access of having clean and safe water.


Water in-availability has been the major cause of a reduced number of Children’ attendance in most schools they are unable to clean their clothes and bodies. Families spent most of their time for water search and the little water they get is used for meals preparation and drinking. This also results to children failing of their examination due to having shorter time in their studies as well. The school also faces the problem of students dodging different class activities as they use the Some hour fetching water for domestic use which did not give them enough time to attend learning a. The attendance of June and December normally is worse to many school because children spent much of their time for fetching water for they are in long holiday.
Sometimes Children are to spend only 4 to 5 hours during class hour instead of 6 or 8 hours and are dismissed because toilet hygiene is unmanageable and the difficulties in food preparation due to lack of water. Songea Town District local government has tried solving the problem for a long time but has not yet succeeded due to rapid population growth. The demand for water is increasing at an exponential rate relative to the church members’ growth rate and poverty is the most significant factor that interferes with meeting that demand as relayed by officials at the 3rd World Water Forum. Clean water has become increasingly inaccessible to a vast majority of people in our our Ward and District at large. Growing and unmanaged demands for water have hastened the arrival of conditions of water scarcity in Ruvuma due to increasing population, poor technology and shortage of electricity energy in Ruvuma. The production capacity of the Ruvuma Urban Water Supply authority fluctuates seasonally by allowing water to flow a single day in a week in dry seasons and two day during rainy seasons while the demand is there in all seven day in the week.
The overall objective of this activity is to improve children’s health status through provision of access to adequate and reliable safe water to the Children and community at lager. Drilling a borehole at Chandarua and Muumbezi will impact health and development of children in both children, and the community at large. This activity will contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals to ensure health lives and promote well-being for all at all ages which states ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all and addresses one of the strategic objectives for Fostering and Uplifting less Privileged Children in Tanzania which is to promote safe environment for children at the center compound eventually make children and their families healthy and choosing good health practices.

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Children at Chandarua and Muhumbezi are eager to learn though they are blocked due to lack of enough clean water. Water is very crucial for children’s wellbeing and especially when gathered at the school for learning. Currently This sometimes results into getting little water of their daily uses for home and schools. Physical observations by ward executive office and Project Workers came to result into an option to drilling borehole so as to get enough and clean water for community. Although the practice of collecting water from the local water well or sometimes buying water from afar to meet community’s needs has been helpful; this practice is not sustainable, reliable and not cost effective. Upon completion of this activity of drilling borehole at Nakalai and Muumbezi will have meet the water need by 95% and reduced water borne disease by 85%.

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