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Short description

We are promoting the Availability of quality Animal feeds and Vetinary support services to pet owners and Animal farmer


We are working to bridge the Gaps to Ensuring the availability of quality feeds and care products to Pet owners and All Animal farmers. Having seen the Negative Effects of The COVID 19 on the world Economy, we are working with all stake holders in making sure we respond to our clients swiftly.
We provide services at minimal cost to help farmers and pet owners manage the Negative Effects of the Corona pandemic.
We are Engaging all forms of Technology at our disposal to always Engage all our clients in cities and rural Areas.
We have to always think outside the box to come up with the new normal way of reaching out.
Quite a lot have changed since the pandemic started, livelihood is negatively affected. We are working round the clock with farmers to support them in every way possible.

Target country


Project type

  • Food

Support needed

  • Raising capital

What we need help with

We are looking at raising capital to Expand our capacity. We need funds to get more working tools like laptops, phones and Internet facilities. We are looking for funds to get mobility around our numerous clients.

Best way to get in touch

My mail Address.

Project status

  • In Progress