Royal Excellence Academy

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A premier modern learning institution for primary education in Kenya. Looking foward to tapping on growth and expansion


The institution has 115 learners. It is two years old but has grown from 15 learners to the current number. We started with 2 teachers and now we have 8 with 2 support staff. The institution has a lease period of 15 years in the current premises however has paid for 5 years. The institution has a board of management (7 members) and subjects staff to competitive hiring process. The institution by the advent of COVID-19, had income less than expenses. However as of end of term 1 in March 2021, it had broken even. We are now geared towards profitability since our student population is rising and income inflow increasing. However we need to acquire ICT equipment to offer IT integrated learning, develop and library and equip it and also improve our sanitation facilities

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  • Education
  • Mental health

Support needed

  • Marketing
  • Raising capital
  • Website design

What we need help with

The institution is looking for funds to enable enhance its marketing strategy, invest more into infrastructure (library, 3 latrines and furnish 3 classrooms that have been constructed but whose finishing has not been done). We also look forward to getting funds to enable develop our website and also enhance social media engagements as a marketing and advocacy strategy since we also support some of the vulnerable cases in the surrounding community

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  • In Progress