Revitalizing rural agricultural livelihoods

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Revitalizing rural agricultural livelihoods and new markets is a initiative which support the rural women and youth.


The initiative will bring back the rural women and youths employment opportunities and improve their food security and income and expenditure for their households.The initiative intend to support the rural and women beneficiaries whom had badly affected by the corona pandemic who are grounded due to lack of resources.
The initiative will improve food security, nutrition and household incomes.

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  • Alleviation

Support needed

  • Marketing

What we need help with

Zimbabwe Rural SME association is an SME association which works and support rural SMEs who have been side lined for so long by the urbanized SMEs Associations. The organization is into capacity building, facilitating, Market linkages, training rural SMEs in various micro businesses. The organization needs to help its rural members with inputs, training, marketing, linkages with new markets, horticulture productivity skills which quick boost their return into their agric and horticulture businesses livelihoods.

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  • In Progress