Retaining Slum Adolescent Girls in School

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The project will promote school retention & performance of 1500 Roysambu slums adolescent girls


The project “Retaining Slum Adolescent Girls in School” will be implemented by RUCISO Kenya in Roysambu Sub-County Nairobi, targeting 9 slums (Soweto, Congo, Kiwanja, Kamae, Juakali, Kamuthi, Mururui Zimmerman B and Jathaini). The purpose of the grant is to promote school retention and performance of 1500 adolescent girls (10-19years) living in the slums through sexual and reproductive health education, dignity kits, food and counseling to relief from the effects of COVID19. The project will ensure that girls dignity is protected and they are able to stay in school and compete favorably with boys due to reduced incidences of absenteeism during monthly periods because they will be provided with dignity kits. The project will provide food baskets to girls and their families and small businesses to their mothers to ensure girls are not at risk of teenage pregnancies, early marriages and gender-based-violence and therefore improving their performance in school. Sexual and reproductive health education together with counseling will empower girls with life skills to increase their resilience to deal with life challenges.
Increased retention in schools also means that girls will be able to successfully complete their education, perform better in school, become better mothers as they will be able to control their lives (have better outcomes for maternal child health) and overall reduce incidences of poverty.
The project will be self sustaining in that the micro-fund will provide affordable loans to mothers to run small and gradually grow into sustainable businesses that will provide employment, eradicating poverty and improving the general well being of girls and their communities.

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  • Raising capital

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Financial support to procure food, dignity kits and counseling services for adolescent girls. We also need to train teachers to be responsive to the needs of adolescent girls and help initiate Girl-Child-Clubs in schools particularly targeting day schools in the project site. Girls mothers will also be trained to take up their role of sexual education for their daughters as well as being peer counselors (Mother2Mother). To sustain the results from this project, the project will train mothers on business management including use of social media marketing,encourage them start a micro-fund that mothers can borrow loans to start small businesses.

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  • Just started