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You can help to India with the emergency response to the humanitarian crisis by donating to this giving opportunity.


You can help to India with the emergency response to the humanitarian crisis by donating to this giving opportunity.
Dear Sir/Madam,
Greetings from Manimaran ,Bharathamatha Family Welfare Foundation, Tamil Nadu!
We here by submit our requisition for your urgent support.
As you know, the second wave of Covid 19 is having a devastating impact on the lives of innocent citizens. There are more than 25 million confirmed cases, and hundreds of thousands people have died as India’s healthsystem is struggling to cope up with the current situation. It is crumbling.
The country is seeing record cases of COVID-19, with more than 460,000 new casesand over 4,550 deaths being recorded in a single day. Hospitals are running overcapacity, ICU beds are full, and oxygen stock is running out. The situation is grim and is bound to become worse in the days to come.
Hospitals and ICUs are running over capacity across in our districts . Outsidemany medical facilities, crowds have gathered with families trying to arrange care fortheir loved ones and access oxygen. Over the past 2 weeks there has been a 215%increase in COVID-19 death rate, with fears that this number will continue to goup. The increasing death toll is expected to increase , in large part due to thelack of oxygen and PPE.Medical providers and family members of COVID patients across the districts aretestifying daily about the dire lack of oxygen, which has run perilously low.
Bharathamatha wants to support the rapid procurement and distribution of oxygenconcentrators, masks and PPE, ICU equipment, ventilators, and other critical medicalsupplies for local hospitals and clinics.
Please consider supporting this emergency medical response. Please respond to this emergency request and help us save lives in our districts namely Thanjavur, Tiruvarur and Nagapattinam.

We are providing following support to the COVID-19 patients and other vulnerable Communities to fight against this second wave of COVID-19 pandemic.
1) Providing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to Front Line Health Workers
2) Promoting Lifesaving Precautionary measures and creating awareness about vaccine information to the public
3) Hunger Relief Drive-1: Dry Ration Distribution to Home quarantined COVID-19 patients especially people who are under BPL communities: daily wagers, agricultural labors, underprivileged families who have lost livelihood due to COVID-19 Lockdown
4) Hunger Relief Drive-2: Hot meals Distribution to the Homeless twice a day.
5) Distributing Siddha Medicine package to poor Home quarantined COVID-19 patients
6) Feeding support for stray animals
7) Remote Psychological First Aid Centre for Home-quarantined COVID-19 patients
8) Providing Oxygen Concentrator to critically-ill Home Quarantined patients:
9) Hunger Relief Drive: 3 -Dry Ration Package distribution to poor families

It’s time to pull together for those suffering the effects of a devastating pandemic. Please keep praying for the people of India and those affected by the pandemic.

Please do the needful and favour. We are waiting for your reply.
Thanking You,
With Warm Regards,
Edaiyoor R.V. Manimaran,
Founder & Secretary,
Mobile NO:9942227001

1) Providing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to Front Line Health Workers
As we all know that Frontline Health Care Workers are constantly exposed to Corona virus due to their regular proximity and attendance to Covid-19 infected patients, it is very important for them to wear PPE Kits all the time.
In our Thriuruthuraipoondi and nearby areas there are many small hospitals and Covid-19 centres where there is a constant need for fresh PPT Kits. Though Doctors and Head Nurses have regular access to PPEs. Sanitary workers and Ward attendants at the Hospitals are in need of proper PPE all the time. We are going to help the 100 Frontline Health workers by providing PPE to them on a continuous basis. Ours is a rural area located away from the main part of the district and hence does not receive sufficient attention from the authorities. It will be really helpful, if you could donate PPE kits for 100 Frontline Workers in the Health Care Centre and Govt. Hospitals at Thiruthuraipoondi.

2) Promoting Live Saving Pre-cautionary measures and creating Awareness about Vaccine information to the public.
Creating awareness about Govt. the vaccine Programme to the rural masses is of paramount importance in our fight against COVID-19. We will run a direct announcement campaign in villages through Auto rickshaw: Loudspeaker announcement, Distributing Flyers and Brochures in the villages. It is worrisome to notice that most of the people in the villages of our district do not know the importance of wearing masks and do not have the means to buy masks for regular usage. While creating awareness about the use of Masks, we would also like to distribute free masks to the rural communities. We will also create awareness amongst the rural mass about social distancing, wearing masks and washing hands frequently.
We would want to create awareness in 500 villages in Thanjavur, Thiruavarur and Nagapattinam districts of Tamil Nadu. It would be great if you could help us with Face Masks for free distribution to the rural communities.
3) Hunger Relief Drive-1: Dry Ration Kits to Home Quarantined COVID-19 patients:
In Thiruthuraipoondi and nearby villages there are over 500 COVID-19 patients undergoing Home Quarantine. Most of them are daily wagers, agricultural labour and seasonal vendors like Ice cream cart vendors, mobile (tri-cycle) fancy store vendors, flower vendors etc. Their livelihood is a big question mark now. Their families, without a breadwinner, suffer a lot for want of food grains and other related requirements. We would like to help- those COVID-19 affected patients and people in the BPL Line (Below Poverty Line) who have also lost their livelihood -with Dry Ration Kits (Rice, Dal, Cooking Oil, Wheat Flour, Sooji, Sugar, salt etc).
We would like to request you either fund to buy Dry Ration (Grocery) Kits or support us by sending the Dry Ration Kits. This is of immediate need for those people because without this support there will be catastrophic implications in their lives. They may die out of hunger if not due to COVID-19
4) Hunger Relief Drive: 2 – Feeding the Homeless twice a day:
The second COVID-19 wave has been proved to be more deadly and devastating than the first wave last year. There are hundreds of Homeless people in Thanjavur, Nagapattinam and Thiruvarurdistricts are robbed of their livelihood. Most of them are beggars and a few of them are into menial works on a part-time basis. They are now out of their jobs and are staying in makeshift huts under the fly-overs, near railway stations and bus stands. They do not have any protection from sun, rain, cyclone etc. This second wave may hit them hard as they have no protection around them. They do not have access to regular meals every day. They are under the clutches of hunger and poverty. In order to help them fight against Hunger, we have organized a Hunger Relief Drive through which we provide hot meals twice a day. Due to funding issues, we could support only a handful of Homeless people. With adequate support, we will be able to help a lot of Homeless people. If you can help us with funds or Grocery Items, we will set up a community Kitchen in Thiruthuraipoondi and serve hot meals to all those Homeless people until the pandemic is over.

5) Siddha Medicine Kits Distribution to COVID-19 infected patients:
In our State Tamil Nadu, Siddha medicines are found to be highly effective in patients with mild symptoms. We are going to reach out to Home quarantined poor patients and provide them with a govt. approved Siddha Medicine package that would include
a) KabasuraKudineer,
b) BrahmanandaBhairavamMathirai,
c) ThalisadiChurnam,
d) KarpuramThailam
Each it will cost around Rs 500 per patient per cycle ( 15 days)
And these medicines are found to be extremely effective in patients with mild symptoms and over 20000 patients have already recovered using this medicine all across the state.

6) Feeding Support for Stray dogs:
It has been a real tough time for Stray dogs ever since the lockdown was imposed. Many stray dogs have lost their feeding masters due to Covid-19 and people are not able to feed them as they are not confident of coming out of the houses to feed the stray dogs. It is important for us to feed the dogs as they are a part of our living ecosystem and they play the roles of night watchman in many deserted streets. They are starving now as there are not many keepers and feeders for them. We are going to feed the Stray dogs with the meals cooked at Community kitchens in our areas. We, hence, request you to kindly support the program by donating for the same as funds or in-kind.
7) Remote Psychological First Aid Centre for COVID-19 Home quarantined patients:
Psychological First Aid is a method of helping people in distress so they feel calm and supported to cope better with their challenges. In this second wave of Covid-19, it is noted that the stress level of the patients has increased a lot and they are running short of information to make an informed decision related to their health and mental well-being. We will set up a Remote Psychological First Aid Centre that is similar to a Counselling centre managed by educated Health Care workers (Retired Doctors and experienced Nurses). There are hundreds of COVID-19 patients at home and they are isolated from their families and thus undergo a lot of mental trauma, suicidal inclination and stress. By providing them with an opportunity to talk to our Counsellors, we will promote healthy coping and provide feelings of safety, calm and hope. We believe that through this centre we can save many lives from a mental breakdown and with the right frame of mind they will respond well to the medication and get well soon.
8.Providing Oxygen Concentrator to critically-ill Home Quarantined patients:
As we all know,an oxygen concentrator is a device that concentrates the oxygen from natural ambient air by selectively removing nitrogen to supply an oxygen-enriched product gas stream and a concentrator purifies the air and makes it available for patients who have low oxygen levels in their blood.
With this unimaginable burst: second wave of COVID-19 pandemic and the associated infection to lakhs and lakhs of people, it has exerted a high level of pressure in our already crumbling Healthcare Infrastructure. Out of fear and confusion, many Covid-19 patients who do not need admission in the Hospitals also rush to Hospitals and put extra pressure and occupy the beds supposedly to be given to critically ill COVID-19 patients. In order to ease off the pressure on the local hospitals in our district, our organization is planning to provide home based care (under medical supervision) to patients whose oxygen saturation level is between 85 to 94.
By providing them with Oxygen Concentrators, we will be able to help those patients with low oxygen saturation and save lives. Additionally, we would be able to help reduce the pressure on our hospital in the districts.
9.Hunger Relief Drive: 3 -Dry Ration Package distribution to poor families
As you know, Covid 19 infection is spreading very rapidly all over the country. Covid 19 proved to be deadly and is threatening the entire human race. Till date, over lakhs and lakhs and above people have been killed by this lethal virus across the world.
While understanding the importance of this preventive measure – complete lockdown- we cannot turn away from the fact that a massive number of our working-class population, especially the daily wage earners and small-time business owners are the hard-hit because of this shutdown.
As they have all lost their jobs, they do not have means to buy food and drinking water. Most of them go to bed without a meal nowadays. There are children, sick men and women, elderly and they are in a very precarious situation and they are all waiting for some helping souls to look after them.
At this point of time, they are at home and unable to move around to arrange any financial support. Hence, they are all facing a lot of hardship in terms of buying food materials, milk, vegetables, medicine, and other essential supplies.
Bharathamatha Family Welfare Foundation Proposes to distribute Dry Ration Package with Rice Package for those small business owners and daily wagers /Agricultural workers , Migrant Labourers, Traditional Migrant Community (Gipsy,Poom Poom Cow Man). Person with Disabilities , Tran genders, Fisheries communities and Psychiatric Mentally ill Families.
Hence, Bharathamatha Family Welfare Foundation wants to distribute Dry ration kits for 10000poorfamilies.

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