Rapid Response Grant to support women raped

Short description

Our application targets gender based violence specifically addressing response to defilement and rape of girls and women


The young girl was defiled by her biological father Mr. Kevin Ochieng who was arrested by the police in Ndhiwa. She has since been chased out of Mr. Ochieng’s home together with her helpless mother and siblings. All of them have been personally threatened by death or total disappearance should they open their mouth in any attempt to seek justice.

● Accompanied victim to police station with a family member.
● Accompanied the victim to the hospital with police officer and family member.
● Accompanied victim to the scene of crime with police officers.
● Ensured quick service by liaising with hospital administrator.
● Obtained detailed record of the event.
● Follow up on counselling and medical care for the victim.
The victim 5-year old child with a helpless mother whose educational standard is also slim. Her understanding to getting justice is very slim given that she is not exposed so much to basic human rights neither has financial power to follow the case to conclusion

She therefore relies on an well-wishers and good Samaritans for her survival for basic needs like meals, it’s for this reason she had visited the our offices, 36 KM from her home.
●She is left in the cold thereby very vulnerable with children hence moves from home to home, market centre to market centre because the mother was a total orphan when she married her husband and human dignity is infringed because of the current situation.
●She believed the police the police is compromised and has been bribed and is not ready to listen to her side of the story. Her right to fair hearing and due process is violated.
●The perpetrator raped his own daughter without using protection, exposing the kid hiv-aids because the father is positive outcome hence violation of her sexuality.

Intervening in this case is justifiable because it will not only restore the basic dignity of the kid as enshrined in the constitution of Kenya 2010 but it will also ensure the kid gets justice from those perceived to be in positions of authority.

Target country


Project type

  • Human rights
  • Prevention
  • Tracking

Support needed

  • Communications
  • Exposure
  • Leadership
  • Legal support

What we need help with

Oxygen finds gaps as  Weak referral mechanisms and structures during the pandemic. The security teams channel more resources to enforcing public health rules.  Lack of or late reporting of GBV cases during COVID-19 curfew enforcement due to fear of reprisals.  Insufficient funds for following up cases – e.g for P3 forms and hospital and court attendance making it difficult for survivors to pursue cases to conclusion.  Loss of confidence by survivors in the legal system due to lengthy and extensive timeframes, which leads to under-reporting and lack of follow up of GBV cases. The broad goal is to increase incidence of GBV reporting during COVID-19 and respond to needs of 130 victims through community engagement, legal intervention and logistics support. The following activities are proposed; Meet chair of gender TWG and petition GBV response during COVID-19; Run an information and sensitization campaign on a radio station broadcasting in Luo language, within the county to address reporting, stigma and in-time health access as key in safeguarding the lives of victims; Mobilize opinion leaders to do an online campaign castigating defilement and rape. Targeting upto 100,000 viewers for two hours every day for two weeks. Engage anti-defilement and anti-rape male champions- Boda Boda teams. Develop short videos with anti- defilement and anti-rape messaging for social media; Provide logistical support for victims to attend court; Provide transport for Oxygen Charity staffs to move with victims to court and hospitals as well as police stations

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  • Just started