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reducing injustices bought up by segregation due to covid-19


Unemployment sits at over 30% nationally, with a majority 60% of the overall population comprises of youth. The coronavirus has resulted in youth who were already underemployed (recurrent month-long contracts, attachments/internships) losing out on their means of income. Some being forced to take unpaid leave. Leaving risk on the inability to pay rent or sustain themselves when having to self isolate or being forced to do so. Most at risk and notably, are young LGBTIQ+ who have been the first targets of redundancies and exclusion, aggravated by systemic inequality, injustice and unstable home environments. LGBTIQ+ youth and their unemployed peers are in psychological and economic crisis mode.

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  • Alleviation
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  • Human rights
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  • Mental health

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Botswana is currently under a 6 months state of emergency and an extended lockdown, we are having connectivity issues in reaching some of the people we serve as they now feel isolated. we already lost one individual since the lockdown happened and i feel we need more capacity in terms of having better communication devices and better bandwidth to reach more people and have online counselling sessions.

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  • Just started