Providing access to the lost school education .

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Short description

This project is all about providing formal education to school children via interactive online system .


Overall Objective: To provide equal access to quality education for all
school children in Sri Lanka.
Specific Objectives:
1. To catch up with the lost school education due to the Covid-19
lock down.
2. To provide immediate educational services to around one
million Senior Secondary and Collegiate level students to
prepare for national level examinations.
3. To increase the coverage of our interactive online Education
Platform for the student population in Sri Lanka.
Expected Achievement: We would like to increase the learning
opportunity for the Senior Secondary and Collegiate level student
population to catch up with the lost education and prepare themselves.

for the GCE O/L December and GCE A/L August examinations in
2021 well and achieve higher ranking and move forward towards the
tertiary and vocational education and well prepared for the
employment market. We also would like to register increased number
of students for our Interactive Learning TV Platform and expand the
student base and provide education for the entire student population
in Sri Lanka.
Proposed Project Activity:
Through this project CRCSL proposes to increase its capacity to reach
out more students and students from remote rural areas where the
schools are not well equipped as in the urban areas. Therefore, this
project funds will be utilized to purchase the 03 sets of high-quality
Video Cameras, Clip On Microphones and necessary Light Set Ups.

Target country

Sri Lanka

Project type

  • Education
  • Human rights

Support needed

  • Raising capital

What we need help with

We need 03 sets of high quality video cameras+ Light Sets + Microphones to expand our ongoing digital online education service or financial assistance to buy them.

Best way to get in touch

Through email. Our email id is

Project status

  • In Progress