protecting the rights of women, girls and children

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Violence against women tends to increase during every type of emergency, including epidemics.


During this covid -19 pandemic, Women, girls and children can be at the receiving end of the pandemic as there can be a rise in the sexual corruption, sextortion, child abuse, domestic violence, gender discrimination and violation of basic rights due to public restrictions imposed by government.Older women and women with disabilities are likely to have additional risks and needs. Women who are displaced, refugees, and living in conflict-affected areas are particularly vulnerable.Right now in kenya, 40% of school going children have been impregnated some by relatives and people very close to them therefore something needs to be done with immediate effect.Their rights need to be protected.

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  • Alleviation
  • Community
  • Education
  • Human rights

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we need help to ensure that their response guarantees the rights of women and girls to live free of discrimination and violence, and also ensure that protective mechanisms for women and girl victims of violence remain accessible while travel restrictions and quarantine orders are in effect.

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  • Launched