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The project seeks to assist selected social enterprises with funding to enable them continue with their projects


Our Organization known as CARITAS FORUM is a social enterprises founded and duly registered in 2008 to create positive changes in communities through carrying out projects which to curb poverty and improve employment opportunities especially among women and youths droped out of school.
Project Hope Micro finance seeks funding estimated at 15 Million Francs C.F.A in order to help selected businesses affected by the COVID 19 to resume their economic activities to generate income , earn some profits , contribute to solve social problems in their communities etc, . The project is expected to start on 29 th October 2020 and to end in 3 rd January 2021. We target widows and youths producing tomatoes, vegetables and other market gardening products which are in high demand throughout the South West Regions in Cameroon as well as other regions and neighboring countries like Gabon , Equatorial Guinea and Nigeria that come to Cameroon to purchase these products in the communities of Bonadikombo and Wotutu that are renowned for producing these crops in abundance.

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  • Raising capital

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The COVID 19 caused many business to shut down including social enterprise projects owned by mostly by vulnerable individuals such as widows and school dropouts in the and around the rural communities of Bonadikombo and Wotutu where vegetable and market gardening products and restaurant business were flourishing prior to to the outbreak of the Coronavirus These businesses need a little bit of financial capital to get them resume their economic activities to fight against poverty and unemployment. Therefore , we are soliciting for a grant to enable us give financial assistance to the social entrepreneurs of the communities to continue with their productive activities.

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  • In Progress