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Programme Jeunesse Ici Corp (PJICI), is a not-for-profit organization with a mandate in employment assistance .


Programme Jeunesse Ici Corp (PJICI), is a not-for-profit organization with a mandate in employment assistance for new immigrants youth, and refugees who lack the necessary work experience, knowledge and cultural familiarity in order to obtain steady employment in Manitoba. We stimulate, encourage, support and coordinate integration. PJICI accomplishes its objectives by focusing on the value-added benefits of bilingualism as well as by initiating projects in four (4) core sectors; struggle against poverty, youth integration, education, and crime prevention.

Principle PJICI activities include offering bilingual services to the community as well as coordinating cultural and socio-economical development projects with communities, youth groups, immigrants, refugees, and individuals..

The PJICI carries out its mandate under the direction of an elected Board of Directors. The Board of Directors establishes and monitors the organization’s policies and strategies, determines the organization’s programs as well as hires, guides and evaluates the organization’s Executive Director. The Board is also responsible for holding monthly and annual meetings as well as advocating for the organization and approving all reports, applications, and budgets.

Since April 2020, from the first shutdown, our organization, like all business , has ceased activities. After the deconfinement, we decided to support the black community to protect itself more against covid-19. With the help of the Canadian Red Cross and the government, we received funding to ensure advanced communication and limited spread of the corona virus in African communities in Canada. We offer free 10,000 masks, in the community, our volunteers are everywhere, in malls, bus stops, small community events, .. We provide food assistance to 10 needy families / month as well as moral support.

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  • Community
  • Education
  • Food
  • Healthcare
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  • Wellbeing
  • Work & Productivity

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Our organization employs 3 full-time employees plus 8 volunteers. To be effective in the field and meet the demand of the population in the fight against the corona virus, we need more money in order to hire 6 more volunteers costing an estimated $ 20,000.

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Email: or phone +1431 276 1247

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  • Launched