Preventing COVID19 in 20 schools in Lurambi Sub Co

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The project aims to ensure that schools have adequate protective equipment to prevent the learners from the deadly Coron


Most schools in Lurambi Sub County have had the challenge of ensuring social distance is practiced in schools. This is because there is no adequate space to accommodate all children if this preventive measure is practiced. Therefore there is a major need to ensure all other critical preventive measures like children wearing masks throughout and washing hands are always practiced. This project intends to provide the learners with masks for everyone in schools, hand washing liquid soap, hand washing tanks, and provision of hand sanitizers for teachers. In addition to the provision of the prevention gears, WE REACH will train the children on how to make soap locally as well as their teachers. Health Clubs play a critical role in health education in schools. WE REACH will seek to strengthen these clubs by training them on COVID19, its prevention, and management. The health club will sustain the project as there will be continuous learning among the children in schools. The supply of hand wash soap will also continue for a long time as these children will be trained to make the soap using local materials.

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  • Prevention

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  • Software development

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Financial support to continue supporting the schools with handwashing soap, marks, and sanitizers

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  • In Progress