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Effects of Covid 19 on livelihood of Women in coffee cooperatives.


for decades women in the world especially in the global supply chain have received alot of support in production, processing and marketing from coffee cooperatives. The coffee cooperatives have also given them a platform to lobby and advocate for issues affecting them.
In Sub-saharan Africa women have been empowered through their affiliation in cooperatives and this has impacted their livelihood positively.
in Kenya today we have seen women in empowered to sit in top board and management positions through cooperatives one of this coffee cooperatives is Machakos Co-operative union which is an umbrella body and a home for over 60,000 farmers. Out of the total number of farmers with over 10000 are women . Over the years we have seen the cooperative support its producers in production, processing and marketing of their products. however, this has immensely been affected by the effects of COVID 19 and thus affecting their livelihood. Domestic violence and abuse has also increased has most of the family members have lost their source of income.
the main aim of this initiative is to empower the women through capacity building initiative on post covid activities that will help them improve their livelihood. The activities wi include sensitization of Covid 19, prevention, preparedness in case one is affected or a family member is affected, diversification, entrepreneurship and startups. the ultimate goal will be to help them pick up after Covid 19 and improve livelihood.

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  • Business Strategy
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the organization needs help in capacity buildig, strategy development, production processing and marketing. this will be done through empowering the women in coffee cooperatives through capacity building.

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