Platform for Retirees – Kenya

Short description

A non-profit organization aimed at giving retirees chance for an active and productive life.


We mobilise retirees around three program areas of Agriculture, Environmental Management and Mitigation, and Social Transformation with the aim of keeping them active and productive. We believe that, given their skills, experience, wisdom and availability, retirees have the potential to lead in rural transformation and development. Their involvement in these programs gives them the necessary physical exercise and an opportunity to establish new social networks, thus keeping them healthy.

Target country


Project type

  • Community
  • Wellbeing
  • Work & Productivity

Support needed

  • Exposure
  • Marketing
  • Raising capital
  • Technical expertise

What we need help with

We need start-up funds, having registered only last year. We also need technical assistance from those with experience in dealing with retirees and the aged. Our retirees need to exposure to learn from best practices elsewhere.

Best way to get in touch

Through Founding Director at e-mail:, +254716625451

Project status

  • Just started