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TL;DR: We are running close collaborations with several partner hospitals in Sub-Saharan LIC's (Tanzania, Uganda, Malawi ...


TL;DR: We are running close collaborations with several partner hospitals in Sub-Saharan LIC’s (Tanzania, Uganda, Malawi). They are asking for our help in getting critical supplies such as basic protective gear. Some don’t even have access to soap at this stage and the virus is just starting to pick up there there now. Tanzania just had its first death. We have developed open source models of both visors and plastic smocks that we now want to get help funding and transporting down to where its needed the most.

Additionally (in line with our “teach a man to fish”-ethos) we would like to finance the purchase of 1-3 3D printers (~20 KSEK each) and send that down so that the hospital/s can take control of their own production and also hopefully benefit long-term/post-Corona from the acquired technology and know-how. We are currently looking to engage Engineers Without Borders in this alongside local contacts at makerspaces and technical universities.


Pediatric Health Initiative was founded in late 2018 by a group of doctors and nurses at Karolinska/Astrid Lindgren Children’s Hospital in Stockholm, Sweden.

Our fundamental purpose is the spreading of quality pediatric care and its development and progress in low and middle-income countries. We also actively work towards increasing the knowledge and understanding of global pediatrics among Swedish doctors, nurses and other health care staff.

This is done by close collaborations between staff at Swedish hospitals and staff at partner hospitals where we enable continuous education, bilateral staff exchanges and evaluation/research activities.

We are also looking at exploring new ways of integrating newly arrived healthcare personnel in Sweden (by the means of enabling auscultation/shadowing and mentoring). A hugely underutilized resource today and a lose-lose situation, mainly due to legal barriers.

We are currently running active projects with partner hospitals and medical centers in Tanzania (Muhimbili National Hospital), Uganda (Kagando, close to Congolese border) and Malawi (Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital). Looking into establishing similar projects in Rwanda where we have very good local connections.

We are small and agile, with a consistent focus on the long-term view, and we build upon the strength of our networks and the careful nurturing of personal relationships. Synergetic, regenerative exchanges happening in both directions (and not just North to South as in conventional aid work) is what we constantly work to see happen.

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  • Healthcare

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  • Legal support

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We primarily need help connecting with potential donors as well as access to local networks in LIC's to make our projects and our research easier to materialize (politicians, global companies with supply chains we can piggyback on to transport equipment, circumvent local corrupt bottlenecks etc.). Communications/visibility is another need/area of improvement.

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  • In Progress