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Helping girl child from vulnerable communities live descently by providing them with sanitary pads


The organization was started in 2018 from four friends ,this was after a documentary was aired on the local television that school going girls from vulnerable communities in a border town in Kenya engaged in sexual activities with truck drivers and motorcycle drivers to get money to buy sanitary pads , the situation got worse when school were closed due to corona outbreak since donation from schools had stopped. Four friends, we started by donating from our own pockets, baking and selling cupcakes to support the girls, asking well wishers for financial support and sanitary pads. But when corona strike it has become difficult to get help and we fear for the girls because they will end up getting pregnant or get STI.

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  • Wellbeing

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  • Operations

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The organization needs help to pad the girls from vulnerable communites , this will help them avoid engaging in sexual activities to satisfy their basic needs.

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  • Just started