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Bridging the gap between what retail shops sell with consumers daily needs through delivering goods to retail shops.


The vast majority of all retail purchases in Africa are mainly made at small shops especially in rural areas. Despite the importance of retail shops to local economicies and the communities. Products in the stores are frequently out of stock and when available ofoare at hit price. Investing in the business of delivering orders to retail shops owners in rural areas to fill and sustain the daily operations of retail shops is worthy selling over $80 billions in goods each year.
The major reason as to why this is happening is because logistics are prohibitive. Retail shops owners often have to close their shops to travel to central markets to purchase health and consumers packaged goods. They also find restocking their shelves more costly and time consuming.
The inefficient or nearly Nonexistent distribution system increases prices and limits communities access to potentially lifesaving medicine, sanitation products and nutritious food at the same time preventing business growth for small shopkeepers who have limited access to financial services and lack the proper business management tools they need to grow and prosper.
PA – TOTO VENTURES believes revolutionizing access to essentials is a solution.
PA – TOTO VENTURES – COVID – 19 Last Mile Distribution Retail Shop Idea platform enables small shops owners to restock essential goods at the tap of a Barton.
With the use of basic mobile phone, shop owners will be able to send PA – TOTO VENTURES their orders and local salaried agents employed fulfil the orders from PA – TOTO VENTURES Central Distribution Hub, delivering them in two hours or less. History of purchasing data is therefore used to predict incoming orders from shop owners and pre – stock tuk – tuks a three wheeled motorized vehicles to ensure quick delivery.
PA – TOTO VENTURES collects more data to plan its inventory and optimize its operation. Efforts will be made to even offer financing to these micro entrepreneurs and use of predictive data to help anticipate and plan for those needs as well.
Based in Bukedea District of Uganda as target area of the first operation, PA – TOTO VENTURES will reduce expenses for shop owners, provide full – time employment to its sales agents and most importantly to ensure affordable actto health, sanitation and consumers household products that low – income communities need to live healthy productive lives.
At the same time allowing consumers good companies such as Bidco, Mukwano, Kakira etc to have consistent and reliable distribution channels to reach underserved communities.
This Kyiv busy approach will help small shop owners in Bukedea area to order inventory on their phones to ensure they have contraceptive, pain relievers and healthy products on the shelves, get goods delivered on demand and take advantage of credit forms for the first time all without having to leave or close their shops.

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  • Alleviation
  • Community
  • Food
  • Healthcare
  • Impact Support
  • Logistics
  • Wellbeing
  • Work & Productivity

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  • Business Strategy
  • Communications
  • Operations
  • Raising capital
  • Sales

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In order to transform communities by revolutionising access to essential goods and services, empowering retail shop owners and the community that they rely on them, PA- TOTO VENTURES COVID - 19 Last - Mile Distribution Retail Shop Idea is starting its operation in Bukedea District of Uganda. PA - TOTO VENTURES currently needs a grant of €60000 to start this business model. Key areas of investment. - establishing central distribution hub. - purchasing six tuk tuks for orders delivery. - hiring sales agents and paying their salaries. - paying initial taxes- - initial capital for buying start up stock of goods for business operation. - reserve capital for emergencies. - others and need be. Local contribution - CEO as a founder to oversee business operation. - free consultation from those who are in wholesale business.

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  • Just started