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Ownemployed is a platform designed to help people set up new businesses, supporting them to take themselves from unemplo


Skills, experience and talent are sat fallow in people made unemployed by Covid-19 – these could (and many would say should) be leveraged to boost the global economy, and thus minimise the negative impacts of the impending economic crisis.

We are bringing an upfront solution to a real problem of covid-19. Our way of solving the high unemployment rate is by encouraging people to take the entrepreneurship path.

– It is for people who want to find a community to get started with something they are passionate about
– It is for people who want to explore ideas for new businesses.

If Ownemployed helped 0.5% of the people estimated to become unemployed through the covid-19 pandemic that would be a million new entrepreneurs setting up businesses, creating jobs and driving the economy.

This is a project with volunteers from all around the world. We have a common goal: To help others connect and make a living of their passion!

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Project type

  • Community

Support needed

  • Anything
  • Bootstrapping
  • Communications
  • Legal support
  • Raising capital
  • Software development

What we need help with

This is a platform for the world and we hope to see people getting started to form the ideas of tomorrow. Any help to spread the platform is appreciated! We are currently building the frontend and backend of the website and would like to have development help (mainly frontend) to catalyse the progress and release the website sooner. Technology used: ReactJS, Rebass, ExpressJS, DynamoDB

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Project status

  • In Progress