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OSS + is a mobile healthcare app that would enable frictionless communication between doctors and patients. We realized


OSS+ is a mobile healthcare app that would enable frictionless communication between doctors and patients. We realized the need for a mobile solution to instantly connect patients to doctors so they could receive immediate help.
There’s great potential for mobile healthcare solutions that allow patients to access their medical information anytime and anywhere and contact a care provider from the comfort of their own home. What’s more, e-Health will be playing a more significant role in World’s health sector in the foreseeable future.
We are now creating a native app for doctors and patients. The app allows patients to communicate with doctors either by chat, video call, or voice call, describe and show symptoms, and pay for services.
Using this solution, doctors can manage their time effectively, keep patients’ medical records, and get paid for their consultations. Patients, on the other hand, can select an online doctor, connect to them in minutes and have a live video visit, get prescriptions, and order medications and have them delivered.
Let us take a look at some of the exceptional benefits that the healthcare industry can possess.
1. Accessible to Remote Areas. With the real-time conversation, doctors or healthcare professionals can reach rural-living patients, thus minimizes the travel-time & cost. The on-demand apps helps to book appointments with doctors, get a notification with doctors regarding health care tips.
2. Provides Better Care at Own Residence. Ensuring the patience’ care even at home is what the technology, namely tele-health embedded with voice calling feature provides. A live video chat with a doctor at their own home sorts out any type of health-issues on the go.
3. Reduction in Patient’s Cost. With video conferencing, healthcare professionals can create conference video calls with a vast number of patients for giving treatments & solutions to their health problems. This drastically improves patient’s care efficiency & helps the patient’s who can’t afford the expenses of visiting the hospital on a regular basis.
4. Personalized Monitoring. Doctor-patient chat app gets the opportunity to review every patient’s health progression in a much more detailed and real-time with the help of video calling, file sharing of the patient’s prescription etc., This in result enhances the trust & fulfillment between a doctor-patient relationship.
5. Makes Diagnosis More Accurate. Since the reports, scans, prescription of patient’s entire data is shared through the in-app chat application, the success rate of diagnosis with accuracy is better and reduction of medical errors is high. All the records related to patient’s treatment is stored in one place which is accessible by both the doctors and patients at anytime and anywhere.
6. Enhance Overall Efficiency. Doctors, physicians, and healthcare organizations can improve the efficiency of the entire workflow starting from appointment, handling multiple patients at the same time, and reduction of paperwork. Switching every healthcare processes to an application reduces the time consumed in handling manual works, and helps physicians, doctors to spend more time on providing treatment to patients.

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