Operation Get Moving!!!!

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We are working with Native American children and youth to keep them physically active during CoVid.


We are working to keep children and youth active during this pandemic. Many reservations are in quarantine, and the living conditions are not good. Many children are subjected to abuse and are struggling. We are providing activities for the children and youth to do to stay fit, as it helps them both mentally as well as physically. Many children don’t have supplies to stay active, so we are sending them balls, learning material, clothing and anything else we can get for them. We want them to see that they are not alone and people care about them.

Target country

United States

Project type

  • Education
  • Mental health
  • Prevention
  • Wellbeing

Support needed

  • Anything
  • Bootstrapping
  • Communications
  • Exposure
  • Raising capital
  • Software development

What we need help with

NAADA is only a year old, and we just got started when CoVid hit. We are small but dedicated to the well being of children and youth. We support and encourage children to follow their dreams, that dreams can come true, and that they matter and are important. We work with Native American Youth and we have had to change our mission as CoVid most reservations throughout Mont, Wy and Dakotas have been in quarantine and we had several tournaments lined up for the children that have been cancelled due to the pandemic. Children are our Future...they are amazing and need to see that there is hope for their future.

Best way to get in touch

Call Carrie at 406 600 7965, email naada4444@yahoo.com

Project status

  • In Progress