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Stove that saves thousands of Tons of Co2 that would hitherto be let into the atmosphere mitigating climate change.


The Impact of my business is a broad one. We Provide technologies that reduce the impact of climate change while improving health through reduction of indoor Air Pollution and other air effects. Over 3,000 Lives have been impacted with the provision of 1,000 Improved cook stoves, and each year each of these cook stoves will reduce about 2.9 tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere for their lifespan of about 6 years. The stand alone Solar Energy based technologies deployed by me So far have reduced over 10,000 tonnes of CO2 and will keep doing that for the over 10 year lifespan they have after displacing technologies like Generator, Kerosene Lamps and battery powered Lamps. The health impacts tied in are immense and commensurate to the amount of CO2 reduced. Over 20 women entrepreneurs are currently working with me and 15 youths trained in Stove production with some of them being Solar Installers.

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  • Climate

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  • Raising capital

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Our growth Ambitions is to take over the energy solution landscape of the rural; north/southwest Nigerian populace such that by the year 2030 Olapeak will be a household name as the provider of quality and reliable energy solutions that change lives. To kickstart our journey to this, the most issue is the financing as in making the products of such quality affordable for the people in rural communities there is a need to allow for the Pay as You go Option which is for a minimum of 3 year period.

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  • Just started