MOKVO (Meminaa Oria Korona Vayiros)

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MOKVO is a healthcare education, diagnostic, healthcare PPE and consumer goods production solutions enterprise


MOKVO is a health sector focused, interventionist social enterprise initiative planned to help facilitate the acquisition and making available for public uses, at least five mobile testing stations in the region of southeast Nigeria. The testing stations will move round communities in the region and enable people to get tested especially in local communities that might have unknowingly gotten exposed to a carrier of the Coronavirus/COVID-19 infection. This would be as part of a broader privately-run, quality medical diagnostic service programme planned under MOKVO and which is highly needed at the moment in the focal region.

The issue of more testing centers in Nigeria is an extremely urgent one. For now, in the whole region of South-East Nigeria which is home to over 40 million people, there is not more than two test centers capable of handling tests for Coronavirus/COVID-19. This is definitely not good for a country racing against time in an unfamiliar fight against a highly contagious and efficient killer disease. Although it could be seen as the job of the government to address issues of inadequate healthcare infrastructure within its territorial jurisdictions, but for a developing country like Nigeria, the Coronavirus/COVID-19 emergency situation of the moment requires and is calling for all hands to be on deck in combating and eliminating the new infectious disease. Therefore working to put in place approved and complementary independent services that will let more people and the wider communities have the opportunity to get tested and accessed over the Coronavirus/COVID-19 infections, is a top priority pursuit for MOKVO.

MOKVO also would be setting up hotlines for members of the local population in need of assistance of any kind to call in and get the medical consultation and other support services they require. Important also to MOKVO is to quickly put together a research and production team to look into manufacturing of some vital items which the Coronavirus/COVID-19 outbreak has exposed the local society as well as the rest of the world as being inadequate and having no security in. The team when assembled will work towards developing concepts and successful prototypes of basic PPEs (personal protective items, such as medical grade facial masks, face wipes, visors), portable outdoor handwashing unit, hand sanitizer, and medicated (anti-viral/bacterial) personal kits, natspray, etc; which will be subsequently turned into approved designs and productions in a matter of few weeks.

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Setting up of a public health information center and medical diagnostic and product research and production labs

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