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We develop a cloud-based expert systems builder - a tool that lets experts create AI expert systems without knowledge of ...


We develop a cloud-based expert systems builder – a tool that lets experts create AI expert systems without knowledge of programming. The expert apps can be used internally as an interactive knowledge base or be provided to clients.

Our healthcare system needs more qualified medical workers with expertise in dealing with infectious disease in general and more specifically with COVID-19. That will require that a lot of medical workers from other fields will have to come in to help treat COVID-19 patients. They do not have this knowledge and will have to be able to get this knowledge quickly in order to safely perform their medical duties and help sick people. The lack of specific knowledge can put medical workers at risk as well as endanger the patients. There is also a lack of knowledge in the public on how to behave during the ongoing crisis. The public’s lack of knowledge about COVID-19 and how to react to it in various situations puts the whole society in danger and leads to the increased spread of the disease.

We have developed a tool that lets medical experts in treating COVID-19 automate their expertise and share it with less experienced medical professionals and the public in general through interactive decision trees. Less experienced medical professionals can get automatic medical advise on how to perform different medical procedures correctly and make sure that they perform the correct steps in the right order. Other decision trees can be made to be shared with the public which provide medical guidance or guidance on how to behave in certain situations (for example if you have a sick family member) by allowing the user to answer a series of questions. It will be beneficial to society by potentially slowing the spread of the disease through providing relevant information and advice to the public about how to behave regarding situations related to COVID-19. Once one of these decision trees has been made by an expert it can be shared with anyone and accessed by everyone with a connection to the internet.

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We have developed a fully functioning technical solution that can be used today. What we need to do now is get it to the people who can use it in order to help solve the crisis. We need to get in contact with relevant medical authorities that can use our tool to automatize medical expertise and advice for medical professionals and the public.

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