Mitigation and resilience to COVID-19

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Intend to provide needy emergency relief dry ration kits to highly vulnerable Tribal communities


The SAMIDA has been the functional organization working for Tribal Communities in North Coastal Districts of Andhra Pradesh paralleling the sectors of livelihoods, Child Rights Women & Child, Health & Education, Disaster Mitigation, Income Generation, Civil Society Collaboration, Networking and Institution Building through the Resource Centers.

As part of the pronounced agenda the organization has been mobilizing the best feasible resources, services, community kitchen and host of other major measures during the epidemic occurrence of COVID19.

As part of this, hereby we are submitting the following proposal for disbursal among the needed sections as part of relief and rehab package meeting the sprouting needs and requirements of various service points and segments.

Proposal context:
Severe outbreak of the COVID19 across India and in the state of AP, stringent vigil during the Lockdown period, equally in the Tribal regions and a deviation to the normal way of life and living pattern to the Tribal households and includes the segments of Pregnant and Lactating Mothers, children & adolescents, farmers and hospitals. In view of this emergent situation the SAMIDA has been striving around in ameliorating the present frozen social life, living complexities to farmers, hospitals and pregnant & Lactating mothers, accelerating the auxiliary channels of supplies and food distributions within the limited avenues.

As a measure of exploring additional resources in the threshold of equipment and supplies and furthering the cause of aid during this COVID19 and maneuvering possibilities for sustained expression of aid declarations within the ambit of the existing donor networks and community chests the SAMIDA has been putting the best possible attempts for supports, equipments and needed supplements through the collaborative agency of POLLINATION.

As such we are in an effort are in the way out to look for support supplies of Masks, Sanitizers, dry ration, nutritional support at the community level and to identified 4115 pregnant and lactating mothers, 17026 children of ages up to 6 years, 7879 adolescents (3 ICDS Blocks), identified 11164 marginal farmers as part of Agricultural intervention drawn from among 30 932 Pattadar pass book holders (Community).

Need of the material support
Material Support is sought to be placed at the disposal of different segments of Tribal segments and service centers like hospitals and orphan homes from among the fraternity of POLLINATION to be a part of national advocacy and resource pooling campaign and networking on linkages, to restore equanimity, provide ventilating support to vulnerable sections and bring about socialistic visioning to cater to the present day COVID19 complex coping up and recovery

The SAMIDA mission is now in resource constraints, in that, the resources matching to the programs and to cater to the catchment beneficiary segment is disproportionate and hence an attempt to the possibility of POLLINATION’s component through this program and component reaches.

The SAMIDA majority of the intervention centre around incubating community resilience for groceries, hospital requirements, liquidity infrastructure development, capitalization of materials related aspects, institution building for replication of this sort of philanthropy, value chain activities, which requires the ardent support of POLLINATION social structures investment and hence is this attempt to get the pool of assistance

The Material Support with POLLINATION would be tantamount to getting through one gate way mile stone towards graduating to collaborative investments and investiture for both the resource and human capital formation. The endowment is getting to be a lead for association of social and Tribal protection area and needed minimum supplies to the hospitals sectors and it is the need to catapult this segment exactly towards development component which is the torch bearer of our civil society work and is the pin pointed need of hour at this hour of national emergency kind of epidemic.


The strategy is enumeration of exact need and sprouting demand thereby an institutional built up emerge towards Coordination consisting of SAMIDA teams and trained educated Tribal youth and village elders at cluster level with 2500 to 3000 households each

The field interventions are action oriented and the operations are being carried out setting an avowed mission of practically setting an example to be a best practice with the approach has been one of the field and community based approach
The following segments are picked up as per the table of projected needs for

• Pregnant and lactating Mothers & children and Adolescents
• Marginal Farmers
• Primary health care givers

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Project type

  • Alleviation
  • Food
  • Prevention
  • Wellbeing
  • Work & Productivity

Support needed

  • Analytics
  • Anything
  • Business Strategy
  • Communications
  • Software development
  • Talent

What we need help with

We require the immediate food supplementation of food grains support to vulnerable families to cope up with the eventuality, loss of livelihoods, wage employment, loss of children education and primarily the food supplies to the severely affected families

Best way to get in touch,,, +91 9177487692, +91 9618355721

Project status

  • Just started