Mitigating Acute Mental Distress (Stress)

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We need your support with implentation budget tp prevent chronic mental illnesses, suicide and violations of their human


Significant numbers of the Ethiopian populations are under emergency conditions from the Corona pandemic, high number returnee migrants, internal displacement, poverty and more. As a result, especially women and youths are terribly the victim of psychological distress and deprivation.
In a study related to Corona disease, it has been reported that among the community living in Addis Ababa, the prevalence of moderate to severe acute stress is 66.4%. Also the prevalence of common mental disorders among Ethiopian migrant returnees from Middle Eastern countries and South Africa was 27.6%.
It is reported that many people having Corona Disease (confirmed cases) are at home isolated from family and friends and are affected by psychologically and economically deprived and are prone to severe form of the disease and death. These groups of patients need an urgent psychosocial counseling, follow up, and linking them to social and economic services.
The priority given to mental disorder is low from public and private agencies. And there are no agencies that give such mobile counseling services.
Hence, in this time of crisis a huge population groups are affected with mental illnesses and should be mitigated as they are prone to chronic mental illnesses and suicide. And further human rights and quality of life of the patients and their families are violated
Therefore, as a solution, two key services will be established to support the victims of psychosocial stress patients and to prevent the prevalence of metal illnesses as a result of coved 19 pandemic and migration.
1. An outreach (mobile) counseling service (home visit/at camp area) will be provided that aims to provide face to face counseling service to victims of Corona patient and migrant returnees that require psychosocial support and rehabilitation .
2. The outreach mental first aid services will provide referral and linkage services for the affected persons.
This project is distinct in that it will provide mental health first aid for victims of corona disease and migrants in need; and linking clients with social organizations that will provide social supports.

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