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The reason for launching this project is the pandemic of the Coronavirus and the desire to assist science in the develop


The reason for launching this project is the pandemic of the Coronavirus and the desire to assist science in the development of new antiviral materials, as well as treatment and cure for viruses, and in particular the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).
Why magnetite? Because, of its unusual and unique properties. Magnetite (Fe3O4) is the only highly magnetic mineral. The orientation of the crystals of the magnetite in the rocks shows the direction of the earth’s magnetic field during their formation. Magnetite is a very common mineral in the rocks and sands formed during their destruction, for example rivers’sediments (Kostov, I., 1993; Wert, C.A. and Thomson, R.M., 1970). Sotirov et. al. (2018) provides information on the widespread distribution of this mineral in some regions of Bulgaria, where it reaches up to 60% of heavy sludge and it is a waste mineral in the extraction of gold. Sotirov et. al. (2016, 2017) questioned some of the magnetite’s optical properties. Magnetite is known to absorb radiation and serve to purify radioactive solutions (Clemic, H. et al., 1959; James, D. et al., 2009), being itself not a radioactive mineral (Priscila C., et al. 2013; Sung-Chan, et al. 2014).
And finally, the most important research on the topic is that magnetite absorbs and deactivates viruses (G.Bitton, O.Pancorbo, G.E.Gifford, 1976; J.G Atherton, S.S. Bell, 1983; Liping Zhang, 2008, Jessica I., Nieto Juarez, Tamar Kohn, 2013; Jeong-Ann Park, et al.,2014; Chen HW, et al., 2017).
In the Nature, magnetite is a part of living organisms as molluscs, bacterias, honey bees, domestic pigeons, dolphins and in human bodies (Kirschvink, JL, 1981, 1992). There are also a number of unofficial sources for the benefits of magnetite for human health, since ancient times.
We believe it will be valuable to investigate the magnetite mineral for drug and treatment options for COVID-19 and as anti-viral and bacterial materials, preparations and devices. Research will be able to determine whether or not the mineral might be used to fight the coronavirus and how? Through various ways for internal use or through external interventions on infected people, and whether it can be used to purify water, solutions, air and surfaces from COVID-19 and other viruses.

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