Mental wellbeing and health hub in LSEO Carlisle

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iCan is a not for profit social enterprise aiming to help our community start taking responsibility for their own health


Our aims in both physical and mental health are to encourage our community to start taking responsibility for their own health. Enabling them to cope with mental health conditions, tackle social isolation and create lasting change in physical wellbeing.
We already run a community fitness centre however the need is great for a mental health hub to support this facility. In response to Covid 19 we have been called 100’s of times to help support people who are battling mental health conditions through redundancy, loss of income, social isolation and struggling when they have lost their normal routine! Our country cannot put any more strain on it’s NHS so our third sector organisations must step up to help!
“Exercise and direct support has been redefined as a necessity, rather than a recreational choice or luxury, and most adults are now telling us they think being active is more important than before and are using it to stay physically and mentally healthy. Sports England May 27, 2020”

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United Kingdom

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  • Healthcare
  • Mental health
  • Wellbeing

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We need support to facilitate a mental health and wellbeing support hub in a disused premises next to our facility in LSEO, Carlisle. Our NHS is strained too much already and we need to relieve some of that pressure and support pour community face to face with real time care and support. We have the premises secured if we can source funding. We have the support from Local Cumbria ICC's and would work closely with the ICC's to support the people who need it most. The hub would be a drop in centre where all can attend when they are struggling with their mental health, they would be guided to start exercises to increase Serotine, be able to seek support from qualified individuals dealing with specific needs. Engage in emotional resilience, coping strategy and positive pathways courses. Dietary advice and behavioural change. Creating lasting change where they themselves have led the change! Volunteer member mentors would be on hand to support all aspect of the process- mentors are experts by experience. We have the facility, we have the capability, we have the volunteered and the beneficiaries. Our community just needs financial support to make this desperately needed facility a reality in response to COVID 19

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