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We use nanoscale carriers for targeted drugs delivery in human body wich helps increase efficiency of medicine.


Today, the urgent task in the search for a drug for combating COVID-19 coronavirus is the creation of new dosage forms of already known medicinal substances that can increase their therapeutic effectiveness, reduce their side effects, and increase the comfort of treatment for the patient. A promising direction in this area is the use of nanotechnology products – nanoscale materials that can act as carriers (platforms, containers) for therapeutic agents. Thanks to this approach, progress is expected in the treatment of diseases such as atherosclerosis, diabetes, some hereditary and infectious diseases, as well as oncological diseases of various localization. Among the obvious advantages of nanoscale carriers for targeted drug delivery, a decrease in the amount of the drug used and, as a result, a decrease in the general intoxication of the body should be noted. In addition, increasing the effectiveness of the already known drugs is much cheaper and faster than the search and synthesis of new pharmacological agents. Therefore, the main idea of the initiative initiative search project is to develop a methodology for creating and test the stability of complexes of magnetic nanoparticles with existing antiretroviral drugs.
Brief Technology Description:
The technology for creating nanocomposites magnetic nanoparticle-antiviral drug includes the selection of a biocompatible coating of magnetite nanoparticles having a high affinity for the drug, obtaining a stable suspension of modified nanoparticle coating and the creation of a nanoparticle-drug complex.
Technical processes for creating nanocomplexes modified MCH preparations were developed and tested on the system of magnetite nanoparticles – sodium citrate – doxorubicin. The work will focus on finding a suitable coating for optimal landing on the surface of many promising antiviral drugs.
Creating nanocomplexes magnetic nanoparticles – an antiviral drug will take 12 months

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Now the project is at the laboratory development stage. We see huge potential in technology, but help is needed in attracting investments and selling the finished product.

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